I Made My Teacher Cry

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    When I Was In 5th Grade.

    This teacher didn't like me very much even before I made her cry. She was a real frigid teacher, and I was a real.strange kid. Well, I kept getting D's and F's in class even when I tried really really hard. Well, everybody in the whole grade got to watch a movie and I was the...
    abilene8907 abilene8907
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    I Think I Might Have Made My Teacher Cry

    Monday of this week, my friend and I were joking around about our English teacher. She's mean, but not horrible but nearly every student doesn't like her. She's a bit over weight and so I said, "I don't get why everyone's afraid of her. What's she gonna do, sit on us?" My friend...
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    He killed himself. I never did anything to him, but the rest of the class was bouncing off walls day in and day out. I just sat watching him yell at everyone every day for the whole class period. He would cry sometimes, but he killed himself one day.
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    She Quit

    We had this lady for a sub in band once. I was in 6th grade. The class wouldn't stop talking. She started blowing a whistle, and that made it worse. So she started crying. The next day, our band teacher told us that she quit, and outside we where like, awwwwww. But on the...
    missy1999 missy1999
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    May 6, 2012

    Poor Lady

    I have no friends and my one teacher didn't when she was my age.  I always thought we were so alike that it was scary, but awesome at the same time.  It is weird because she is exactly like me.  We are the same build, same hair color, eye color, we both love...
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    Well im in year seven (age 12)

    and i was in german. My class is quite chatty and disrespectful when it comes to talking. It was half an hour through class and we still had got nothing done. Miss just stood there trying to stop us and people just kept laughing and just being pure rude. After a while she...
    Jemmasouth Jemmasouth
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