I Married a Drug Addict

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    My Husbands An Addict

    he was in the military and got hurt in afghan and got hurt and the army got him hooked on pain pills. hes been out now for almost a year and we have went threw hell he wont talk to him now hes talkin about going to a methadon clinic we have three kids ive threatened to leave i...
    needingafriendandhelp needingafriendandhelp
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    2 Responses Sep 25, 2013

    Married To A Drug Addict

    I have been with my husband for 23 years then i married him. I realize now that it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. We have been married for 4 years now and I realize now that this can only end in a divorce. I guess i did what alot of women do....we marry someone...
    gw212 gw212
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    1 Response Aug 14, 2013

    I Married My Bestfriend But Not This New Man.

    I've known my now husband for almost 7 yrs, we just got married in may. For the last year he's been doing cocaine and I just found out a month ago. I moved out. I really love him but not who he has become in the past few weeks since I've known. I've been trying to hard to control...
    womanofsteele womanofsteele
    4 Responses Jan 3, 2013

    The Cold Hard Truth

    Addicts don’t love themselves...how in the world do you think they could love you? Addicts chose drugs vs. sobriety, not drugs vs. "you." A "true drug addict" has already found the love of his/her life - and it's not you. Bullshit. A true addict has found a way...
    ncirishchic1 ncirishchic1
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    Aug 8, 2011

    This is a nightmare I can't do it anymore.

    I love him but I love my sanity and my kids more
    jussme91 jussme91
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    4 Responses Feb 16, 2015

    Just Want It All To Stop!

    When i met my husband i did not know what i was getting into. I fell in love with his stories... I fell in love with the man he wanted to be! I never in my mind would have thought it would turn out like this? We met in 1999 and it has been a long & painful journey since. In 2...
    eliian12 eliian12
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    1 Response Mar 13, 2013

    Loving My Addict, But Loving Me First Now

    My name is Michelle and my husband is an addict. You cannot understand addiction until you have gone through it or have loved someone who is. I started a blog: http://lovingbeyondmyaddict.blogspot.com/. I would love to share it with you, but I have to send you an invite and...
    getsmother getsmother
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    Nov 20, 2013

    It Was All A Lie

    I met my husband 10 yrs ago and weve been married for 7. He was THE party guy in our small towns, if anyone did more drugs/booze then him they died, he was full tilt, no holds bar and i was in love. I was a party girl also but knew my boundaries as my father was an addict, and i...
    laceymick03 laceymick03
    1 Response Aug 22, 2011

    This Can't Be All There Is To Life...married To An Addict.

    I met, fell in love with, and married an addict. At some point, I thought that I could put up with it. I believed that he would love me enough to stop, or his daughter, or even himself for that matter. But in reality, I am slowly realizing that I do not stand a chance when it...
    OnlyGodKnowsMyPain OnlyGodKnowsMyPain
    3 Responses Nov 1, 2012

    4 years ago I opened a sober living house

    and started dating my first client. I knew it was not a good decision at the time however, he was so charming and so loving it was hard to resist him. He was in the drug court program and did extremely well for the 2 years he was in the program. We married 7 months after...
    brokenhearted47 brokenhearted47
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    1 Response May 22, 2014

    Wondring Why

    after 5 years of marriage ....i suddenly woke up discovering that my husband is an abuser .... he used to be addicted to alchole before marriage ( i didn't know about that) after marriage he became addicted to pain  killers , smoke pot , now heroin and sniffing some cooc on the...
    sallyadam sallyadam
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    2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

    He Left Again After This Last Relapse.

    It has been two weeks since he left this time and it has just hit me and I am crying.  I have experienced this so many times over the ten years of our marriage, I keep fooling myself that I don't feel anything after all these years.  My husband has a drug problem...
    2freeme 2freeme
    6 Responses May 4, 2009

    I Guess God Knew

    I've wanted to be a mother ever since I was dragging around dolls as a young girl. I guess because my mom has always been such an awesome role model for me, I've always dreamed a being just like her. A perfect mother and housewife.     So when I met the man of my...
    audreyo audreyo
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    10 Responses Dec 15, 2007

    So I Married a Drug Addict:2

    I've decided that it sucks to be an adult. When did people stop helping you make the right decision? When did the weight of the world start to land on our shoulders? My God, I'm 30 something and I'm raising a 36 year old! When did I ever agree to that? When is he finally going to...
    hatethebitch hatethebitch
    2 Responses Jun 26, 2008

    I Married a Meth Addict

    I wish I could say I didn't know what I was getting into but I did.  I thought if I just loved him enough he would stay clean.  We have a beautiful daughter together but I tonight ended everything.  He has been missing for a couple days but today I found...
    sunraya sunraya
    4 Responses Jun 29, 2009

    I Married A Drug Addict

    I have been married for 14 years to my husband. We are both Christians. He was an addict when I married him, but he was in recovery. He worked off and on during our marriage, but I was the one that paid most of the bills. We have a daughter together and I am the only parent that...
    2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

    Husband Left Me And Kids For Drugs, Alcohol And To Live With A Prostitute

    my husband left me and my 3 kids for drugs. it's been almost a year and I havent received any financial support of emotionally from him. The few times ive seen him hes always with his prostitute. I can say say that of her because she use to be with our friend. However my husbands...
    ashmaly ashmaly
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    1 Response Jan 13, 2013

    "i Am Married To A Heroin Addict"

    Hello! I dont know where to start and I dont even know where to finish because I think this story does not have an end, at least not for now. I am married to a heroin addict for 7 years now. Ive come to the conclusion after all these years married to him and married to an abuser...
    lissette05 lissette05
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    3 Responses May 1, 2012

    Hi. Anyone with experience with drugs?

    I have been with this husband for a year and recently found out he has been using heroin and meth. He admits he has a problem with meth but tells me he needs the opiates (heroin) to slow down his brain. He recently tried to quit for the tenth time since me finding out and he...
    jennylvs77 jennylvs77
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    6 Responses Jun 27, 2014

    Well I was up at 6 am couldn't fall asleep

    usually I'm awake looking over my fiancée while he's asleep, I do it because he smokes PCP an for some crazy reason I feel if he Go into cardiac arrest I can help him. I spend my days crying from the lie he tell on his way out the door to the lie he tell when I call his phone...
    Dgarrett1 Dgarrett1
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    1 Response Sep 11, 2015

    I Should Have Known Better

    I met this guy thru a friend.  She is from the "ghetto", im not.  She said that she thought i should get to know him.  He was in jail on a murder charge.  Of course he claimed he was innocent.  My first instinct was embarassment --i didnt want...
    stronger stronger
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    2 Responses Aug 19, 2008

    In Love But So Sad...

    How do you start to tell the story of how and why your life is the way it is? Mine I guess would have to start with the simple fact that I fell in love. I met the love of my life 4 years ago. I had been divorced for about 3 years and he had never been married. We had...
    dmwr dmwr
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    5 Responses Apr 15, 2013

    He Saw Me Coming!!!

    The only word I can think of when I think about this HOT MESS I am in is CRAZY! Yes, truly, truly CRAZY! I got married 3 years ago to a person who I thought was a hard working, fun-loving, sweet and sexy man. He had a job, not really anything to brag about, but the man was...
    Hesawmecoming Hesawmecoming
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    4 Responses Oct 4, 2013

    He Called.

    He called late last night after getting up the nerve.  It usually takes longer because in the past I would be so anger I would not answer or I would hang up on him.  But I am so numb to all of it that it does not bother me to give him the satisfaction of...
    2freeme 2freeme
    2 Responses May 10, 2009

    Drugs And Trust

    Im not married but my boyfriend is a drug addict. We have been together for two years and I have found out multiple timea he was lying to me bout taking pills smoking weed and smoking incense. He swears hes sober now but sometimes I just dont know. I want ti trust him but I know...
    Thisthingcalledliving Thisthingcalledliving
    3 Responses Dec 23, 2012

    So I Married a Drug Addict: 3

    Writing about my story is so therapeutic. Writing here is nice because I get feedback, but I actually started writing about my experience a few years ago. My husband and I would get into arguements, and somehow I was able to recall the arguements word for word no matter how much...
    hatethebitch hatethebitch
    2 Responses Jun 30, 2008

    I have been married to my husband

    for 13 years. We were high school sweethearts. We’ve known each other since I was 13 years old; we got married when I was 19 and he was 20. Our daughter was born when I was 21. He went through a lot of medical issues and was diagnosed with lupus and RA that same year. He didn...
    Confusedasever01 Confusedasever01
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    2 Responses Jan 23, 2014

    Will This Ever Stop?

    I have been with my husband for 18 years and married for 15. We married when I was 18 and he was 21. We did a lot of partying and lived it up every weekend. I never thought anything of his problem when we were young because I was doing it right along with him and having a...
    Time4chg Time4chg
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    Oct 18, 2012

    Everybody Shuts The Door In My Face... :(

    My husband's drug problem + puting his mommy before me and the kids have made us drift apart a lot. It has slowly been escalating from verbal abuse to psychological and physical abuse and death threats. Before it got to domestic violence I called his parents and had an...
    CinnamonCake CinnamonCake
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    3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

    Crack Head, Drug Addict, Man That I Am Married To . . .

    Yep, that about sums it up. I've been with this man for over 30 years, and I've spent the past five years in a living hell. I've taken with me two precious children who have endured suffering that they should have never known. Secret phone calls, finding him locked in the storage...
    tainttellin tainttellin
    3 Responses Jan 4, 2013

    I Married A Drug Addict And Knew

    i meet my husband back in 2000 know he sometimes use drugs but not realize how bad it was. we move right after getting together and things just keep getting worse. when we meet i had just had a bad car wreck and was hurt bad. well after about 5 months of living together i...
    pebbles241 pebbles241
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    2 Responses Mar 18, 2010

    I'm engaged to an addict.

    We've been together for 8 1/2 years. I had always thought the problem was alcohol and cocaine. He would go on binges for 3 days straight about every 3 months, which would cause me to kick him out and us to break up. Then 2 1/2 years ago the binges stopped. He came home every...
    jillybeanfl jillybeanfl
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    1 Response Mar 21, 2015

    I finally moved out. I found my husband

    cheating. One night he wasn't pain attention to me after we talked and I was supposed to support him ( since he relapse) and he was supposed to be more in the relationship. So anyways next morning his phone is ringing , he is asleep, I pick up the phone and it was this...
    memarried memarried
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    2 Responses Mar 30, 2015

    How Many Chances?

    I met my now husband 12 years ago through mutual friends. We clicked immediately. He had the kindest eyes and the sweetest smile. We were both looking for someone to share our lives with and we had found it in each other. He had the sweetest little daughter and I fell in love...
    kml17 kml17
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    3 Responses Aug 30, 2013

    Day 20 of husband in detox/rehab facility.

    I leaving with my 2 kids (3 and 8 years old) next week. Not sure if I should allow him to see them once before we leave. We will be gone at least 6 months. I am torn by this decision. He IS their father BUT I don't want them to be hurt or scarred by seeing him in a frail or...
    Deceivedandhurt Deceivedandhurt
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    1 Response Jun 2, 2014

    Time To Focus On Me

    I've been married to a marijuana addict for 12 years. I didn't realize he was an addict until about 4 years into our Marriage. Sure I knew he smoked and I did too. But as we got older and our goals in life and career started to evolve and change, he wasn't able to step back from...
    TiredOfBeingSecond TiredOfBeingSecond
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    2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

    I have been with my husband

    for 10 years, married for 4. We always used drugs recreationally when we were younger, nothing too serious. Alcohol, pot, every once in a while we would do coke, or take a pill. As we got older his pill use increased, but I wasn't too concerned about it, it was just a weekend...
    Rachelle1981 Rachelle1981
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    May 20, 2014

    My husband is addicted to opiates.

    He is taking suboxone now. But ran out early. I caught him in yet another lie yesterday. He went and got a temp fix. Although he swears he threw it out the window because he realized how wrong it was. I don't believe a word out of his mouth. So sad
    Mariesosad Mariesosad
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    1 Response Jan 13, 2014

    So I Married a Drug Addict

    I've always felt that life has a purpose, that people are brought into our lives for a reason, or maybe that I was brought into their lives for a reason. I guess you could call me eternally hopeful.  Over the last few years I've been trying to figure out just...
    hatethebitch hatethebitch
    15 Responses Jun 18, 2008

    I Knew All Along

    I met my husband in January of 2000 when I was a freshman in college. We quickly became close friends and confidantes. I knew that he was into drugs and alcohol, something I'd always promised myself I would steer clear of. He made it very clear that he had feelings for me, but I...
    JadedJ JadedJ
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    2 Responses Aug 24, 2008

    Almost Free Again.

    Im surpriced at how much I can relate to the stories Ive read here from people also married to addicts. For a long time I felt I was alone in this. Im 21 and married for a bit over a year, and its been the most horrible scarring relationship of my life. I wont go into too much...
    befreeagain befreeagain
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    2 Responses Apr 18, 2011

    The Wife of An Addict: Going In Cirlces

          Last year at this time my husband admitted to many counts of addictive behavior. It was only the course of the year that i discovered exactly what his addictions included. To my surprise his father is a recovering addict and is...
    enraged enraged
    15 Responses Dec 25, 2008

    Where To Go From Here

    I had just graduated from College and he was about to graduate in a year. I had know him since Elementary school which seemed like my whole life. We decided we wanted to marry and have a baby. I never picked up on the odd things he'd do, I was so blinded by how much I loved him...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 2, 2013

    What Attracts Us to the Addict?

    When I think back now on my time with my husband, I have a difficult time facing its reality. I chose to be with him.   I chose to marry him.   And, although he wasn't visibly using when I met him ...  I should have read the signs. I wasn't an...
    survivedabuse survivedabuse
    6 Responses Jan 20, 2009


    I am writing my story in the hopes of accomplishing two things. First, if I can help anyone else out there living through this nightmare, it will be worth it. Second, I am hoping I will find it to be therapeutic. I have only known about my husband's addiction for three months...
    2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

    I Want Off Of This Roller Coaster!!!

    I have been married for a little over six years now. I have never had any addiction in my life so had no clue what I was getting myself into! I knew when I married my husband that he had a past, but he was sober and clean and in such a good place! The first few years were amazing...
    Ceceslh1 Ceceslh1
    1 Response Dec 28, 2012

    My Husband Is a Drug Addict

    I have been married for a little over a year now, however my husband and I have been separated for about 3months.  I will start from the beginning, first, I am a Christian however my husband is not, he was raised in church but refuses to live right.  When I met my...
    beanie09 beanie09
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    8 Responses Oct 6, 2009

    Being married to a drug addicted husband.

    I keep trying to get away and it seems impossible. He is very smart. He has two masters degrees. We are both in our early forties. He has ruined his life because he loves anything that will get him high. I recently got a protective order against him but it didn't stop him...
    angeline12 angeline12
    41-45, F
    1 Response Dec 16, 2014
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