I Married a Filipina

and I notice she gets admired 126 People

    Adult Rated?

    Overly cautious perhaps, I've been rating my stuff as "Adult" and not finding it listed! (Filters?) I guess I could anticipate entries to be somewhat sexual in nature, but not  extreme. Of course I can never guarantee the content of what others may add will be...
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    Jan 27, 2007

    My Late Husband Was Fillpino

    he was such sweet and caring man ..he love life and everything in it ...his family hated me because i'm white ..we were very happy for many many yearstill God took him one day ...it breaks my heart to now live in this world without him...the world is empty
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    My Husband Married A Filipina

    hahaha... and he love it ;O) jesspinay ----------------------------------------------- www.filipinaboard.com
    jesspinay jesspinay
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    My Pinay wife is the best thing to ever happen

    to me. She is loyal, forgiving, romantic and most of all able to communicate at a level that no other American woman can. It's interesting that even with her literal knowledge of English language we can talk about anything with each other and never go to bed angry. She is a...
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    She's My Soulmate

    Few year's ago i worked in qatar as a project supervisor on construction site,with many filipinos.i became friend with one guy,we started talking about women and i told him that i'm looking for a serious loving girl,my past relationships have been disasters.He told me he has a...
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    I Am Not Married Yet So I Can&...

    I am not married yet so I can't answer yes to any question about marriage.  However I am engaged to an American just like me.  Not that I'm racist, it just happened to be the man I fell in love with.
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    Feb 18, 2007

    Married And Divorced A Filipino (not Bitter)

    Yes I married a Filipino woman, well not married, but we did spend a few years together and she is the mother of my wonderful son. I met her here in Australia. We worked at the same restaurant. She worked hard, loved well, and she tried her damnedest to make it work between us...
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    My Filipina Wife Is Awesome

    I married a Filipina and she is awesome.  She is very caring and has given me the best sex ever.  We have been married 5 years now and even after giving birth, her body is still as hot and tight as ever.  She is a great mom and I love her like crazy...
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    No Padded Bras

    As soon as my wife gets a new bra home, she sits down and removes the lining from it. For some reason she just does not like the linings, and I do like the results when she wears her bras with no lining or padding. You know what I mean. It's nice to see. Okay, is that...
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    I Will Marry Lyn In August

    we have a very loving close relationship
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    Dec 27, 2010

    Waiting For My Filipina Wife To Arrive In The US

    Started chatting in October 2012. Met for the first time December 2012. Got married February 2013! Now waiting for her to receive her US immigrant paperwork. It is so nice to read happy stories of others in this group. I am going to copy from others' stories, because it all...
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