I Miss Christmases of the Past

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    A Christmas Story

    That is one of my favorite holiday films. One thing I like about it is the atmosphere. Though it takes place in the late 40's to early 60's (not exactly sure), things didnt change much about Christmases until about the mid to late 70's. I can watch that film and feel like I am...
    IndyJoe IndyJoe
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jun 28, 2008

    I remember I used to have the best Christmases

    ever when I was a little girl,my back then sister in law would make everything so nice and we'd go over family's house for Christmas eve with all different people.Now,I don't have much family anymore but I try to make it the best I can .I still like Christmas things though
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    Dec 16, 2015

    White Past

    I miss the the past christmas.. When we go pick out the tree and decorate it.. Then go sledding or a ride in a horse and bugging and then come in to have hot coco.. Then we all played board games or cards while snacking on nuts or oranges and apples.. Then go to church.. then off...
    tigerandbears tigerandbears
    46-50, F
    Dec 26, 2012

    So as I sit here in my room I think about past .

    .. The time were there was laughter and job and harmony during this time of year. I would remember going over my best friend's house and we would watch movies and sit and talk with his family why his mom baked cookies and goodies for the following day.. It was a time of happiness...
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    1 Response Dec 24, 2013

    Just Rambling ...

    I miss the way Christmas was when I was really little ... I remember a huge number of relatives coming to my house.  We always had a separate kids table at dinnertime.  We'd have to borrow chairs from all our neighbors.  My great grandmother (I think) used to...
    dogswearhalos dogswearhalos
    Nov 16, 2008
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