I Miss Going to My Grandparent's House

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    I dream quite often of my mom's parents' house. They lived one hour away and we often slept over in summer. The drive was a beautiful one past hills, cliffs, farms, and prairies. The house was strangely magical. The living room had pink drapes and I used to stay up half the...
    greensapphire greensapphire
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    Mar 25, 2012


    I really miss going there because I always had a good time there. No matter where, their home or their summer place, I was able to do many things and enjoy it.Relaxed. dawn
    dawnvanore dawnvanore
    May 11, 2009

    They're Gone But Not Forgotten

    My grandmother and grandfather took care of me every day after school when I was young. I either went to their house or they came to mine. I was always excited to go see them, especially because they would let me walk to the corner store all "by myself" (while grandmom peeked...
    dogmomma dogmomma
    1 Response Apr 27, 2011

    I Learned Allot From My Grandparents

    Yesterday they would have been married 75 years!RIP- I can't wait to see you in Heaven.
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    Feb 24, 2013

    Despite the Fact...

    That when i was growing up I hated going over there.... There was nothing worse in my eyes....My grandparents were old and mean... Always had sooooooo many rules most of which i would never abide... No runnin in the house... no yelling..no sliding down the steps.... So...
    AuThEnTiC AuThEnTiC
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    As a Child I Lived Only Ten Blocks From My Grandparents.

    So I was there nearly every day...only inclement weather kept us away! My great grandma lived in a little apartment building right next door until I was ten. So of coarse I would trot off to see her for a bit as well. She was the best checkers player in the world...hands down...
    PrettyPixie PrettyPixie
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    3 Responses Mar 29, 2008
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