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I Miss Sex

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    Boy Do I Ever!!!

    The mind blowing sensations of the crushing of bodies (maybe melding of bodies sounds better, but ya get the drift  :) , skin on skin, the noises, the friction, the overwhelming closeness, the crazy elation, the scents sounds and all the senses magnified a million times...
    Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
    7 Responses Nov 22, 2010

    Or Do I Just Forget????

    Is it like riding a bicycle; you never forget??  Or, do you forget what goes where and when??  And how can you possibly get in the same positions now that you did when you were 20 something?  So sad, I used to be very good!    
    Soph Soph
    51-55, F
    15 Responses May 8, 2008

    Still Sexless, Still In Pain!

    Living in my sexless marriage continues to affect my physical and emotional balance.   As I’ve gone through these years without a sexual connection to my spouse, my sexual desires haven't subsided. I still think about sex, long for it, dream about it, and...
    MaxV MaxV
    56-60, M
    Dec 7, 2009

    Its Been A While

    It has been over a year for me, i guess you could say im not a ladies man, im kinda shy and i dont like big crowds so it is hard for me to find a woman. My trouble started 7 years ago when i lost my wife, we were married for 18 wonderful years, i guess im trying to compair all...
    ratmanbr549 ratmanbr549
    46-50, M
    Dec 12, 2012

    Miss It By That Much

    I can't even remember what a man's willie looks like. I'm not kidding. I feel like these days I'm too depressed and screwed up to have an intimate relationship anyway. But an ****** would be nice. I can take care of my own self that way, but I'm nostalgiac to some extent...
    Sage360 Sage360
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Jan 16, 2011

    Says The Involuntarily Celibate Erotic Writer...

    Why the actual **** am I alone every night? I'm tired of waiting but nobody is interested when I take initiative. I am too close to my friends to ask them to play and escorts are too business suited and buff around here. I long to watch a lover rise to ecstasy but I have never...
    TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
    5 Responses Feb 4, 2013

    I Miss Good Sex

    My husband and I barely have sex. Its down to about once or twice a month. I miss sex a lot, but I really miss good sex. Its been so long since I've had sex that include any kind of foreplay. My husband acts like its a chore to have sex, I can tell he is disinterested the...
    jencpa jencpa
    31-35, F
    8 Responses Nov 29, 2012

    Now We Know The Truth!!

    Where did we go wrong, we ask ourselves??? Choose the wrong partners??? I think you should be tested for sexual compatibility before you get married as well as aids test!It is soo sad that there are so many lonely married/ in a relationship people out there who are suffering this...
    tamarisk1 tamarisk1
    46-50, F
    13 Responses Sep 4, 2013

    Its Been Awhile

    Gave it up when I got saved and decided to wait until I get married.  I have avoided ALOT of problems and "bad"men for deciding to just wait.  I don't have the problems and dramas in my life for trying to be patient.  I sit back more and watch and listen to...
    lilyiam07 lilyiam07
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

    The Nights Are The Worst

    I hate lying in bed alone, wishing there were a man there.  I miss masculine hands, touch, stubble, smell.  I miss someone wanting me.  I miss the touch, the warmth, the heavy breathing, the deep kisses, the feel of lips on mine and on my body.  The feel of...
    bookworm83 bookworm83
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Nov 26, 2009

    It's Always Been A While

    It seems every time I think about sex and intimacy the next thought in my mind is always... it's a been a while. But more importantly I'm always thinking its been a while. So what does that mean? It means I was originally thinking about sex. It's a pretty small thought pattern I...
    PC2629 PC2629
    56-60, M
    1 Response May 31, 2012

    Until That Day Comes

    Each day brings the same routine. At day’s end I lie in bed thinking about it. I never thought that I would miss it so much. I miss being dominated by a lover I trust and want to please, with each touch bringing greater pleasure than the last. There is something so sexy about...
    sweetserenity926 sweetserenity926
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 30, 2011

    This Story Comes From Boredom....

    Okay so it's been four years since I've had sex. Definitely miss it. Granted it's not like I couldn't go awhile longer before I had sex again, cause I still have fingers, right? Well... thinking about it I really do miss it. I've had it but never got to get to a point where I...
    Greeneyedandcurious Greeneyedandcurious
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 25, 2012

    I Want To Make Love With A Man That I Love!

    I want to make love with a man that I love. I've had sex with a lot of guys that I could give less than a damn about. I spent 8 years celibate. Then, a few months ago, I had sex with an old friend. It was okay but I did not feel connect to him. It was awkward. I can have and...
    write2ap write2ap
    41-45, F
    2 Responses May 1, 2010

    More Than I Thought

    It's been close to a year now, and wow, am I feeling it. And I have another year to wait, because my fiance has to go through a long visa process to get here. There very thought of having to wait that long is.... scary. I'm already crawling the walls, how am I supposed to get...
    mexpat mexpat
    41-45, F
    1 Response May 16, 2013

    Omg Yes!

    There is this huge misconception that if you are a sexually confident woman you must be having sex. This is not always the case and I am proof in point. I love to **** and I am not shy about it, but it would seem that the only men who want to **** me are either married or just...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 27, 2011

    Lost Penis Due To War Injury.

    I lost my penis due to a land mine in Vietnam many years ago. Oral sex is the only sex I have been able to give women. I have found many ladies do get off quite well when given oral sex in a long sensual way. Many women do not want a man with no penis so my sex is limited.
    penect penect
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Mar 19, 2010

    Frustrated Because I Miss It

    I am in a long term relationship and I can 't remember the last time we had sex. Whatever  desire he had for me when I met him is completely gone. Every night that I sleep next to him I feel so rejected and ugly as he ignores each touch on the arm or try at getting his...
    noluck noluck
    Jul 29, 2008

    Been Way Too Long

    I personally am very monogamous and loyal when I'm in a serious relationship, and I expect no less from the person I'm with. Each time I enter a relationship that becomes serious, My hope and intention is (of course) for it to be forever. Maybe I'm old fashioned that way or...
    aktor1970 aktor1970
    46-50, M
    1 Response Jun 12, 2011

    Almost A Year.

    My friend is still a virgin, so she can't really understand that I miss sex. Or sometimes it is said that girl shouldn't talk about sex like that. And I guess this is the only place where I can express myself. I haven't had sex for almost a year now. But I need it. It is a normal...
    different33 different33
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 1, 2012

    Not On The Menu ?????Ever ????

    I got divorced   eventually in 2011, I found myself a boyfriend, and guess what ? He didn`t want/like sex  that much either - called me a sex pervert.He never in initiated, unless it was the quick poke every 4 months just for him.Trying to make me come was too much work.He said...
    tamarisk1 tamarisk1
    46-50, F
    7 Responses May 13, 2013

    The Party I Wasn't Invited To

    I've always had trouble with sex. Trouble with getting it and trouble with wanting it. At times in my life that I've been single, I've either been filled with desires for men who do not respond to me or terrified of the advances of men I want nothing to do with. I've also been in...
    Heathen22 Heathen22
    Jan 30, 2011

    Sex Is, Sex... Right?

    Ok so I'm gay - So you male perverts out there listen up cos you're gonna enjoy this one! I miss having the physical passion between another women, the touching, the kissing, the hair stroking... Everything.. Just everything about it is so, just IT. ************ just does not...
    XanthiaJo XanthiaJo
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Sep 21, 2011

    I'm Really Good At It....

    ...but I haven't had anyone to experience it with for much too long! It sure would be nice to find someone who wanted to be my lover AND my friend. I could find a lover easily, but it is the friend part that makes it a bit tougher. For now, I'm holding out for a friend.
    yourvoluptuousbaby yourvoluptuousbaby
    46-50, F
    7 Responses Aug 13, 2012

    I Need To Get Laid

    its been years since i last has sex and today was a nightmare because i came across a gorgeous sexy women who got me fired up bigtime.i have always loved sex and have missed it badly,sometimes its bearable and sometimes like today it makes me crazy!i like a women who has a bit of...
    seve276 seve276
    36-40, M
    1 Response Jan 25, 2010

    Oh My God, Yes...

    Is not just what I say when worshipping my lover. Oh My God Yes is how much I miss sex. The abandon, the venerability, the trust, the ache and -the bond-. I miss exploring my love's body, every centimetre of it. People talk about the mind connection a lot, but I also get high on...
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 11, 2008

    Sorry Not Actually True

    Although i have said "I miss sex" I have to correct myself since I do get sex. I miss making love and also the great sex I used to have. One of the benefits of being married should be that you do not have to go without sex anymore or put up with rubbish sex...
    spiderb spiderb
    36-40, F
    4 Responses Jun 11, 2008

    How Do You Cope???

    I've  just  come  out  of  a  9yr  relationship  and  haven't  had  sex  in  4  months!!  How  do  so  many  of  you  go  for  so  much  longer  without  losing  your  minds?  Sex  with  my  ex  was  only  ever  at  best  average  and...
    Bleed Bleed
    31-35, F
    56 Responses Dec 29, 2010

    Just Now

    it has been so long that I don't remember what it feels like....I miss sex so much right now.......
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 6, 2010

    I Want Him to Want Me the Way That I Want Him

    yup , my husband is always tired or refuses even if i offer oral sex, i have a high sex drive, but he couldn`t care less if he never had it again, he usually does it like once every 2 months - i suppose just to keep me quiet, but nothing lately and like please don`t do it...
    tamarisk1 tamarisk1
    46-50, F
    5 Responses Sep 12, 2009

    It's Been A Year.

    For me, it's all about a meaningful experience. I need to be with someone intimately who shares feelings with me. When I was younger, I was all about just *******, with friends, people I'd just met, whoever. I'm older now, more sensitive, and require a connection with someone...
    jacoffee jacoffee
    31-35, M
    Aug 6, 2011

    I Absolutely Miss Mind Blowing Sex

    I lost my virginity at 21 to the man that was going to be my husband, but he left me. That was four months ago and I miss sex so horribly. The crappiest thing is that I don't even have a random friend who I could just have a fling with. Don't think I'm a super pervert or anything...
    SyFyMoth SyFyMoth
    2 Responses Jun 18, 2009

    Sex Is Like Christmas ...

    I sometimes joke that for a single guy like me, sex is like Christmas.  It only happens about once a year, but it is always amazing, full of surprises and wonderful memories.  >D  Actually, I've been celibate for two years now.  *sigh*  :(  I...
    PianoCat PianoCat
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Apr 4, 2010

    So Much....

    I really do miss sex. When I was in my last relationship I didn't think that I actually needed sex, but now that I aint getting it, I will say, that I DO need it, and I DO miss it very much. I miss the release it gave me, from being sexually frustrated, there is only so much your...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jan 8, 2011

    Me Too

    Just like everyone else in this group,I have to admit I miss sex too.
    1woody 1woody
    41-45, M
    Jul 23, 2012

    Single and Want It

    im 24 years old and single and i want sex now!!!! hehe... want it and ready to flaunt it... cos i just dont give a ratsass... i even dream about sex dremt it last  night too!
    bubblebutterfly bubblebutterfly
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Sep 28, 2008

    YES, I Sure Do

    Wow, I used to have so much fun. I miss being wanted and desired and touched. I miss it. Thanks husband for taking away all the fun and feeling.
    cemev cemev
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Feb 19, 2008

    Lately I've been feeling really depressed

    because I haven't had sex in ages. I've haven't been out the house for a few months now since before I gave birth to my 5th child a few weeks ago. I've been locked in my room for the past week for not being good and now he is punishing me for my disobedience. On the weekend he...
    saxxygal saxxygal
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 26, 2016
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