I Need a Holiday

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    Goodkarmaa Goodkarmaa
    36-40, M
    Feb 8, 2014

    i Always Need a Holiday, Bu...

    i always need a holiday, but theres not much point because even if we went on holiday we would have to take all our dogs with us, so other than getting a break from the cats it wouldnt be a holiday at all
    jossiemarie jossiemarie
    22-25, F
    May 3, 2008

    Hoping to go to Fiji

    or Indonesia sometime soon and fall asleep on a beach with a coconut drink.
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    1 Response Sep 7, 2015

    id love a break for a little while,

    even a short camping trip would be nice. preferably not alone though memories are better when made with someone to share with
    FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
    22-25, F
    Nov 7, 2014

    In The Words Of Bilbo Baggins

    I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don't expect I shall return. In fact, I mean not to."
    7thWinter 7thWinter
    18-21, M
    Nov 9, 2012

    Off to lanzarote on Wednesday.

    just hoping the weather's a bit better than UKs
    teemonkeysocks teemonkeysocks
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 1, 2015

    Anywhere But Here!

    I really need a break from it all, away from all the everyday hassle known as REALITY! Just for a week at least... somewhere with a lot of green land and nature,not too much to ask is it? Away from the city, away from concrete, away from noise and light pollution, away from...
    LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
    22-25, F
    Sep 10, 2013

    Please! Haven't had a break in a long time.

    Two weeks on a sun drenched paradise isle with a cool breeze, blue sea, and a hammock strewn between palm trees. There you'll find a fat,middle aged guy with a straw hat over his face as he emits loud snoring with a wide grin on his face!
    picklebobble picklebobble
    51-55, M
    Nov 7, 2014

    Ooooooh Please!!

    I want to feel the soft sand between my toes as i walk along the shore, preferably holding hands with someone special. I want to lay in the evening on a blanket, with a glass of wine and lay back looking at the stars and listening to the waves crash in and then fall back out...
    deadinsideout deadinsideout
    31-35, F
    Jun 26, 2013

    Ibut how they look on the inside.

    ts that time of year to get dressed up and visit friends and share the season. does not matte what one may wear
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    Dec 23, 2015

    I'm lack of holiday for sure!

    :( I just wanna go to Bali before starting to work after graduation. my circle was like a junk! i hate them. they never work to make it happened (and just keep promising every summer off class). i hate bullshit.
    kathv kathv
    22-25, F
    Jul 28, 2014

    Far away from home. Maybe Ireland

    or Scotland. And just sit on a mountain under a tree. And look at castles. And forget about my crappy life!!! This sucks!!!!!!
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    2 Responses Dec 23, 2015

    Need a Break Before I Break.._x

    i really need to get away somwhere, anywhere.. i need to just jump in a car, on a plane, on a train, a coach ANYTHING! and just GO>> im so sick and tired of how i feel, so sick of living everyday the same, dreading every experience, wishing things were different.. i...
    FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 16, 2007

    I've had a hard life many of you may have too

    and understand. I been on holiday twice once when 17 and once when 37 only to caravan parks but still enjoyed it. but I really could do with a holiday where I could just leave everything behind for a week or two. think I would like a good peaceful holiday with great pub life in...
    Leylandlad Leylandlad
    41-45, M
    1 Response Dec 20, 2015

    2 Weeks, Yay!

    I am looking forward to my time off between the 10th June (which is my birthday) and 23rd June. Not going anywhere but i am going to sleep in and relax and maybe we will get away for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to just doing nothing. Go to the movies, go bowling...
    IntoxicatedDesire IntoxicatedDesire
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 2, 2008

    Long Overdue

    It's been a really long time since my last holiday, maybe five years since I even took more than a few days off work and to be honest I am really starting to feel the strain. I need a break but I don't have these fancy ideas of going somewhere new and exciting. I don't want to go...
    deleted deleted
    May 22, 2012

    I want to go on holiday to the states

    but im not sure what state to visit
    mustangkid2024 mustangkid2024
    22-25, M
    1 Response Jun 11, 2015

    I Need A Break

    I am overworked; partly my fault - I'm a ridiculous workaholic and have five or so jobs - one full-time, the rest casual, part-time, periodic type things. The full-time one is an executive role and I work excessive hours. I have over 14 weeks annual leave accrued. I would like...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 4, 2013

    After 5 Months Of School, I Get 3 Days, But I'll Take It. :)

    We're heading to Vegas in roughly a month for 3 days. It's not a super-long Vacation but I can't tell you how good it'll be to just be able to put my feet up at the Pool someplace, drink in my hand...(okay, make that at least 3-4 drinks in my hand, I want to let loose and...
    Eireannach Eireannach
    41-45, F
    Jul 9, 2011

    Stay-Cation Vacation

    With the economy and gas prices as bad as it is, Hubby and I decided to have a Stay-Cation Vacation this last weekend.  A "stay-cation" vacation is a taking a vacation within the area that you live. I had a extra long 4 day weekend from work....So let the fun...
    PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
    Sep 3, 2008

    What a Year

    this year started ok, took a week off in march just to catch up on things. 5 days into it my mum died suddenly then on the day of the funeral my husband ended up in hospital with pancreatitus, he spent a week in hospital but is ok now. since then i have been focusing most of my...
    ted4me ted4me
    Jul 28, 2008

    I just wish to wake up,

    in a hotel room, in another country and away from all my problems and responsibilities for just a week. This is so I don't go insane.
    Kahai3 Kahai3
    18-21, M
    Nov 8, 2014


    I gotta wait until freaking October for my vacation. Ghey.
    Warmthoughtsofyou04 Warmthoughtsofyou04
    31-35, F
    Jun 28, 2008

    Went on the best holiday ever last summer,

    gotta save up to do the same this year!!
    CamSpeeed CamSpeeed
    18-21, M
    Jan 8, 2016

    Away From Everything

    With the last while I have an overwhelming sense to just run away from everything. i want to escape. i want peace. i would love a holiday, somewhere warm with the sea and the sand. I'd never come home.
    NiRiada NiRiada
    22-25, F
    Sep 17, 2008

    Sun, Sea, Sand, Sangria..

    I would love to get away, even for a few days. I just need time to relax and forget about all the stress in life and lie on a beach, with a drink in one hand n a good book in the other - paradise. But, the way my job is at the minute it's not going to be possible for ages...
    Phynn Phynn
    2 Responses Apr 28, 2009

    The Dream Holiday That Became A Nightmare And Changed My Life” (part 1 To An Ongoing Story)

    This is the real beginning of my story. I will start off by describing my holiday and I will continue with a part two which will shock you …describing how it actually changed my life. I hope you read on and become keen to find out what happened. =) I deeply appreciate those who...
    Fitnesschick Fitnesschick
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Dec 29, 2012

    God I Need a Good Long Holiday

      The last time I was on a real holiday was when I was 4 I spent 3 months traveling around the eastern side of Australia from Victoria to Queensland it was so much fun camping staying on the beach it was the best time in my life then when we got back I started school and...
    bubble24 bubble24
    22-25, F
    Mar 8, 2009


    Somewhere to just get lost for awhile would be pretty nice.
    Arorin Arorin
    22-25, M
    22 Responses Sep 4, 2010

    I wish I could get on a plane

    and go anywhere for couple weeks.
    stupid28 stupid28
    31-35, F
    Oct 1, 2015

    A proper classic holiday in an awesome hotel at

    some kick *** summer weather place with beach,swimming pool and cocktails...and most important of all : good company.
    4biandu 4biandu
    31-35, F
    1 Response Nov 7, 2014


    I do need a holiday, luckily I am getting one in 2 weeks we are going to Florida for a week, wish it could be longer but hey thats good enough for me!!!!!
    LipstickandBruises LipstickandBruises
    26-30, F
    Jun 13, 2008

    Booking For Others

    I have been booking flights tonight for work-related trips for others and straying off their flight details to checking out what destinations I could click on (of course under my credit card not work's lol).  I love every moment of holidays- from the night before packing, to...
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    1 Response Jun 2, 2008
    jacob2345 jacob2345
    26-30, M
    May 31, 2015

    So I'm off on holiday tomorrow

    for a week in the sun . I've got the tunes playing doing the housework so it's nice & clean for my 18 year old daughter to destroy oh the joy of it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Wildbore Wildbore
    51-55, M
    Apr 30, 2014


    Ahhhh a holiday is what i need right now. Get away from here and this crappy weather!! I wish i could just leave tomorrow morning..to ANYWHERE...anywhere is better than here!! Luckily i'm going italy on the 15th of june..and even thought its only in 47 days..it seems...
    TerroneNapoletano TerroneNapoletano
    18-21, M
    Apr 28, 2009

    I need a break a holiday somewhere hot .

    ... My dream is to move out of England to live somewhere like Australia or New Zealand, I was born in the wrong country ;/ one day maybe!!!
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    1 Response Feb 1, 2014

    I'm an introvert person

    and planning to travel overseas alone. All I wanted now is to rest but I can't because so much to do. I wish I can leave all behind and travel around the world. I have one and only close friend and we are planning to travel to Europe but she is the kind of person like going to...
    quirkysoul quirkysoul
    26-30, F
    Mar 10, 2015

    Really Need One.

    I just want to run away for a while and experience new things.
    LynnAuditore LynnAuditore
    22-25, F
    Oct 9, 2012

    Really Need One

    It's been almost two years since I have been on holiday and I really miss it. I went to Zante two years ago and it was such a wonderful holiday, it was really nice to be away, in the sun, wake up every morning to hear the waves of the sea. I really miss that, I am sick of this...
    BeautyOfSuffering BeautyOfSuffering
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jun 28, 2012

    In Need of a Holiday

    I decided with health not at 100% and the rollercoaster year of 2007 that I need a holiday so my partner and I are off for a week i January to Italy which I've not visited in a while, he says he has something planned but wont say. I'm sure it's all good mind, we are incorporating...
    RFoxsmith RFoxsmith
    26-30, F
    Dec 20, 2007

    I am working over time daily at the moment

    and am constantly busy .This makes me envy all those who are collecting welfare but just for a second , I don't want to be that kind of burden on society .After the silly season I might get a few days off .
    certifiable certifiable
    70+, F
    Dec 10, 2013
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