I Need Support In My Nt-As Marriage

This group is a support group for husbands and wifes who live in an AS-NT relationship and who seek help and support to improve their marriage. 24 People

    Every Day Is A Struggle, Many Are Unbearable

    l am a 41 yr old male nt with an undiagnosed as wife. We have been together since I was 15. three kids and a life of constant struggle. i used to be an optimist but my spirit is broken and it is hard to keep going. 2 kids with as 1nt. looking forward to sharing.
    Whatstodaysflavorofcrazy Whatstodaysflavorofcrazy
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    Thank You!

    Thank you so much for this group - reading through the comments and stories in other AS groups left me in tears. It was so discouraging to read over and over "there is no hope" "don't waste your life" "get out now" - aweful!! I would love to hear from other people with an AS/NT...
    SweetLove5413 SweetLove5413
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    The Good And The Bad

    I wanted to share a little with you about my husband and me. We have been together for almost 9 years and married for almost 5. I joined experience project after a horrible fight we had. That happened at the end of march. My husband had a meltdown (I can't even remember about...
    Habitate Habitate
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    Life Just Got Harder

    I long suspected that my wife had Asperger's, but I suppose that I just wasn't ready to face up to it until a few days ago when I did a lot of online research on the condition. She does. Ever since I accepted that fact, I've been up and down emotionally. I hope to learn...
    Hardstreet Hardstreet
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    Something I Want To Share!

    The last month I have been travelling and my husband had to be by himself. He spent a lot of time with his family and his brother and when I came back he was so happy. I haven't seen him like that in ages. But then a few days later I started to critizise his behaviour again, so...
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    I created this group as a place of encouragement and support! Anyone living in an AS-NT-marriage knows how much this is needed. Life can be tough when your partner doesn't see and understand the world the same way as you and when you feel that nobody would listen to your problems...
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    It'S The Hardest, When I Myself Feel The Weakest....

    My husband is starting to pull away from me again. I'm about to get my period and emotionally I'm not as stable as usual. So yesterday I wanted to help him correcting his book, but I felt under time pressure (I had to start working only 45 minutes later). So I was impatient. He...
    Habitate Habitate
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