I Need to Fall In Love Again

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    I Would Dearly Like to Thin...

    I would dearly like to think that I will fall in love again one-day, but until That day comes, I will be in love with life.
    deleted deleted
    Jul 31, 2008

    Hope 4 Love!

    I hope, I dream, I long, I want ! Really I do want to fall in love again. Of course there are different types of Love. I love my family. I love my friends. I love animals. I love helping others. I am lonely. I want a companion. I want to be loved by my companion! I know how to...
    gorda08 gorda08
    36-40, F
    1 Response Sep 21, 2008

    Need Love

    need to find love again, miss the laughs and being close to sumone who cares, think it may never happen again.
    loveuelvis1967 loveuelvis1967
    36-40, F
    Jul 31, 2008

    Yeah, I Think I Need to Fal...

    Yeah, I think I need to fall in love again. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up April this year, and I missed the love alot.
    Randyy Randyy
    1 Response Jul 31, 2008

    It Is Hard Work To Be In Love

    To me, sex starts in the housework. It is great when my lady comes home to a clean house all the time, leaves a lot of time for falling in love all over. That housework is a great love tool?
    newnature newnature
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Apr 10, 2011

    Is She Really Ready?

    For the last couple months she has been trying to convince herself that she doesn't really need romantic love in her life right now. As long as she loves her life, the world around her and everybody in it, she's totally fine, content. But lately she has started to second guess...
    Fennella Fennella
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Jan 7, 2009

    I Think I Might Be

    I'm a bit afraid. She's everything I want it seems, but I'm not sure I can take the hurt again if it's not mutual. I've been married before, & I thought she was "the one" & that was a total failure. This woman though, good GOD she's amazing! Eyes that pierce the...
    QuixoticKidEternity QuixoticKidEternity
    9 Responses Jun 2, 2008

    Right Now, I'm In a Lov...

    Right now, I'm in a loveless marriage.  We have been married since 1995, and the man (boy) I'm married to is 48 years old.  He has absolutely no clue how to treat a woman, and has no clue how to raise his daughter.  Put it this way, she has written him many letters...
    BowieLover1962 BowieLover1962
    46-50, F
    1 Response Jul 31, 2008

    I Know I Need To Be Inlove

    i need to fall in love again. it's not that life is too lonely if your loveless but what i mean to say is life is lovelier if you're in love. i've been hurt so many times until i came to a point to stop loving and never trust guys anymore. but as what i have observe to my life...
    glev glev
    26-30, F
    May 1, 2012

    The Best Cure For a Broken Heart

    Falling in love again is what really heals a broken heart. When that hole is left in you the pain might go away over time but the hole remains. I dont think you are ever trully over someone until you are in love with someone else.
    WyldHoney WyldHoney
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Mar 30, 2008

    I Have Been Trying To Fall Inlove Again

    since I let go of the one person that rocked my world and I have been trying for eight years and I havent found anyone who could make me feel that way again I felt like someone punched me in the gut and knocked the breath out of me when I first saw her but when she moved I...
    angelus1988 angelus1988
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Jan 31, 2011

    It's So Important to Me

    I want to find love again so bad. I was really in love with my EX, when he just came home one day and said I don't want to do this anymore and walked out the door, leaving me standing there going "what?".  It's 8 yrs later and he just recently told me that he had...
    keyna keyna
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Mar 12, 2008


    I fall in love all over again anytime I look into my girlfriends eyes <3 and I mean that quite literally.
    JnRxRockz JnRxRockz
    Feb 10, 2011


    Yes, I want to fall in love again. I've been in love three times in my life, but now I'm getting a divorce, because the love has ended there. I fell in love with a beautiful woman online some time ago, but she passed away before we could actually meet. I want that feeling...
    IanMatthew IanMatthew
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Jun 20, 2011

    Im Broken

    all i want to do is feel love again, it would feel so good, im tired of feeling lonely all i want to do is share my stories, laughs and loves with someone special
    Donalh Donalh
    22-25, M
    Apr 1, 2008

    Terribly Missing

    I miss the feeling of sharing the intimate moments, of talking about "us" and "we ". while building dreams together and planning a lifetime forever.
    4BlackForest 4BlackForest
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Apr 10, 2011

    i Feel Like Something's...

    i feel like something's lacking in my life. i love someone, but i'm not "in love" with them, because it's not reciprocated. so that's sad. i want to be "in love" with someone again. i love love. =)
    thedreamisover thedreamisover
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 31, 2008

    Love At First Sight

    That's what it's always been for me. I literally have a Wayne's World moment & hear music & all! Three times so far (maybe 4, I'm ambiguous now about the last one). I think that's why I've been single now for the longest period in my entire lifetime. I haven't heard the...
    QuixoticKidEternity QuixoticKidEternity
    10 Responses Feb 26, 2008

    Yes I Do, But I Dont See It...

    Yes I do, but I dont see it in the cards.   Right now, I'm settleing for "comfortable".
    justANNIE justANNIE
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Jul 31, 2008
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