I Need to Get My Drivers License

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    But I Should Get It Soon...I Hope.

    I am supposed to go to the local DMV tomorrow, weather permitting, to take my driver's test. I am 19 years old, and I've gotten my permit 3 different times (I didn't fail, they just expired over time). I can't believe I'm 19 and 1/2 and I still don't have a license! I even have...
    lonelygal17 lonelygal17
    18-21, F
    May 16, 2011

    I have my Drivers Permit.

    I have my boating license. I have my motorcycle license. I just need help with getting the drivers license aka getting a car.
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    May 18, 2015

    I finally got my driver's license!

    !! and I haven't felt this happy about accomplishing something in a while!! For those who are 18 and over and still don't have their license have faith and have patience things WILL get better when you keep practicing and keep trying you will eventually get it don't lose hope...
    PetiteChica PetiteChica
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Mar 14, 2016

    Ok so I have some questions to ask Okay

    so I am about to turn 17 in July I have already took drivers ed but I have not got my drivers permit. Isn't there a way I can get my license when I turn 17 without having to get my permit? Class E drivers licenes maybe? I have looked it up ok internet but I'm confused. I live in...
    kaileyyy6 kaileyyy6
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 8, 2015

    I can drive tomorrow,

    start my lessons I'm so excited! Being taught by my bestfriends dad so I only have to pay half the price eeeeek hopefully I would've passed this time next week! Intense courses are the way forward!
    alyssiabeth alyssiabeth
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Dec 2, 2015


    I got my provisional license FINALLY!!!!! WOOOHHOOOOO.. Now I just have to get a car. LOL don't see that happening anytime soon. But at least I have got my license!
    JadedJewel JadedJewel
    22-25, F
    Oct 12, 2010

    I Can drive! ...but when I get to the metro

    center I flunk out or something... I hate that I don't have my license but I'm glad I'm not alone.
    PetiteChica PetiteChica
    22-25, F
    Jun 19, 2015

    Not Need To

    I don't need to get my license, but I want to get it. It would open up a lot of possibilities in my life. Up until now I haen't thought about it because of an accident when I was 14 that involved someone I really cared for getting hit by a drunk driver. This scared me and the...
    TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
    26-30, M
    Dec 9, 2012

    Well Yes I Do, But The Good News Is?

    Gas Prices sky rocketed, so it gives me a good reason to walk instead :D right?
    Cupcake2 Cupcake2
    22-25, M
    May 24, 2011

    I Didn't Do Sooo Swelll My First Time.

    From sometime last year I had only 1 traffic. And it didn't go so awesome. I was soooon ervous getting behind the wheel. I was stopping too hard, I was shaking like crazy and I was just all around nervous and very tense. It didn;t go so well. But now I feel like I'm ready to get...
    NewPersonUnderConstruction NewPersonUnderConstruction
    18-21, F
    Jul 28, 2010

    If I could drive, my life would be

    so much easier and fun! I failed my driving test a few months ago because I drove with the E-Break on. I am so stupid. I am afraid to test again because I don't want to fail.
    SumtingWongg SumtingWongg
    18-21, F
    Feb 22, 2014

    Badly. I took the test one

    and failed. My fiancé really wants me to get my license, and I know I need it, I just have to get over the fear of driving. I have the drivers manual book and I tried studying all of it, but just wish I knew exactly what is on the test, so I can study properly. I think this...
    SammyHopkins SammyHopkins
    22-25, F
    1 Response Feb 8, 2014
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    3 Responses Feb 4, 2015

    Been Thinking About It

    and i seriously need to get a drivers license....even if it's only to say i have one LOL i'm a 25 year old guy....and still no driver license....but the fact is, i don't really use it in my day to day... i have awesome public transportation, all of them near my house.....i have...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 28, 2011
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