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    It's Strange As Hell, But I Can't Get Over It From A Broken Up Friendship

    It's Strange as Hell, But I can't get Over it from a broken up friendship. It was with a lady in a wheel chair, a computer geek, probably in the age range of 45 - 60 (???) and I have no idea if she surfs this site or not. It's in Aberdeen, Washington and the break up...
    ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
    56-60, M
    1 Response Dec 30, 2009

    I Don't Know Anymore.......

     I joined this group several hours ago..I've been avoiding writing the story that goes with it.  I didn't want to join the group , nor write this story.  I know..I f*****g know...I need to get over it...you are not coming back.  That much is clear.  Not...
    lonesurvivor lonesurvivor
    56-60, F
    4 Responses Dec 30, 2009

    Splmntl2 Using Profiles I Think Will Help Me

    This Story is Supplemental # 2 from my First Story and my idea of Using My Profile compared to this Ladie's Profile. I don't need anyone needing to change my Life and women of course don't want Men trying to change their Live's. I'm Male (And sometimes I wonder if I...
    ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
    56-60, M
    1 Response Dec 30, 2009

    Today Is The First Day....

    I've lost a wonderful, caring, funny, handsome, intelligent- (to some degree- how smart can he be? He left me! ) man.Unfortunately he wasn't mine, and wives always win out!OK I need to get over it and move on!I want to remember the good times, which were many, he was fun and had...
    djw1 djw1
    61-65, F
    1 Response Mar 31, 2012

    Over It

    I Called you up randomly to invite you over so you could spend New years with me, you say yes and i get happy. You call me multiple times throughout the days and sound like you can wait till new years. Then the day comes and i ask where you would like me to pick you up just to...
    IvisMendez IvisMendez
    Jan 1, 2013

    I Can't Even Get Under It...

    It's all too much! Damn you....damn you. I can't believe that for all of these months I was on another page or maybe reading an entirely different tale. I need to get over it, so I can make my life shine. I'm sorry it's all screwed, be well.
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
    31-35, F
    10 Responses May 5, 2009

    And Finally I Am...

    I had written in one of my previous stories "Runaway" about my brother and all the grief he's brought me. he ran away, lied to me, betrayed me, my mother, let every one of us down actually, one way or another. and now he's gone. he's been gone for quite some time and now it's...
    whitelupin whitelupin
    26-30, F
    2 Responses May 4, 2013

    I Need to

    I really do, but another part of me doesn't want to let go either. I just don't wanna let go. Never.
    musared musared
    18-21, F
    Aug 21, 2009

    I Need to Stop Feeling Guilty

    I need to stop feeling guility of what had happend in the past between me and my dad and my step-mom. I have been trying to let it go but for some reason i can't because it keeps on coming back. And sometimes i feel that it is all of my fault like maybe if i was never born...
    goneawayforgood goneawayforgood
    Feb 7, 2009


    fear is whats killing me,its what makes me sad.fear controlls my life and weakens me.fear is why im deppresed and its the reason im in a constant state of anziaty.fear is the cause of my panic attacts.my gratest fear is to be alone,unloved,unapreciated and not understood.it...
    bohemianbeauty72 bohemianbeauty72
    36-40, F
    10 Responses Jun 2, 2009

    I May Be Sent Away

    my bro on here convinced me to get help. (thank you sage) so i will this page is for people who feel they have something i need to hear. plz speak your mind i dont know when ill get back if i am sent away. but i will miss u all.
    bloodynightmares97 bloodynightmares97
    22-25, T
    2 Responses Apr 8, 2013

    BLAH. You'd think four years of having not been

    friends would be long enough to stop caring. Apparently not for me though. Honestly, it's primarily that I haven't felt as close to another person as I did with him. [Backstory] We were best friends for 7 years and I just never thought he would start ignoring me out of the...
    WindsomeFlurry WindsomeFlurry
    1 Response Apr 24, 2014

    Damn It

    It is oppressing me, it's such a nuisance. Damn it straight to hell.
    GoldieMtZion GoldieMtZion
    26-30, F
    4 Responses May 4, 2009

    Its Been 2 Years

    2 years ago, i cheated on my (now ex) boyfriend with my bestfriend of 4 years. I cared about him soo much. I was in love with him. but i could tell he wasn't happy. He moved on to another girl, and i didn't realize what i had til it was gone. I told him how much i cared about him...
    Bls30916 Bls30916
    18-21, F
    Apr 13, 2012

    Get Over It

    Get over it,I need to,It's driving me nuts,Can someone help?Find the way.
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    Nov 21, 2011
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