I Never Asked to Be Born

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    No One Ever Asked For Anything

    And I know I haven't gone through as much **** as some. And I know I can't say I understand because I have never lived in your shoes. I don't have answers, I don't have alternatives for what you can do. If you keep trying and nothing helps, then all you...
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    5 Responses Feb 13, 2009
    YourBFF YourBFF
    26-30, M
    Feb 27, 2016

    Never Asked

    Never asked,No,Not I,Being born,Never wanted it,Life's been hell,What did I do,To deserve this?
    startinover1 startinover1
    1 Response May 21, 2012

    its been a little over 2 weeks

    since i posted anything on here and i was very optimistic and hopeful in my last blog but right now i just feel like ****, no matter how much i try to think positive or take my anti depressants or even talk to friends,family or a therapist i cant shake this feeling that i dont...
    TheWorldVsJ TheWorldVsJ
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Jan 13, 2015

    Pointless Life

    I need a suicide buddy, maybe we could share thoughts and ideas.. and help each other (u know) and well that's my goal now in life. I feel so worthless, stupid, and just pointless .. I thought I could fix this but it's impossible and even if it was I wouldn't care about living...
    Tokita13 Tokita13
    13-15, F
    Aug 5, 2012

    THank God Someone Said It

    t is about time all the life is a gift life is precious people heard this NONE OF US ASKED TO BE PUT HERE so for the love of human decency the next time someone looks at you and says they want to die stop trying to sell them on the life is...
    tulick tulick
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    9 Responses Feb 13, 2009

    Up Yours God

    I never asked to be born, i was never given an option, life is pain and nothing but. these people who smile and laugh they have never felt real pain they dont see the world for what it is and yet they force me to think there way. they think that just because i dont see they joy...
    supriseIMdepressed supriseIMdepressed
    Sep 25, 2013

    But Am Glad I Was

    " I never asked to be born", in a fit of anger I said this to my parents. It was said after I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. I was 23, i was sick, I was frustrated. Their response was, " we did not ask for you to be born either". I remember being shocked at this...
    Amala82962 Amala82962
    46-50, F
    1 Response May 5, 2012

    No, I Didn't!

    You don't want me. I get it. I ruined your life, and forced you to grow up before you could **** around. I get that. well you don't want me. I understand that but guess what, i never asked to be ******* born. I never told you to not use protection, and i wasn't the one who told...
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    3 Responses Nov 12, 2012
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