I Never Feel Like I Fit In

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    My Everything

    she makes me smile 24/7 .she makes me laugh on my worst worst day ever. Just talkin 2 her puts me in a instant high. I blush at the littlest thing she could ever say. She knows the real me and i no that i can trust her like i could never anyone else. But best of all is that she...
    bliss1197 bliss1197
    18-21, F
    Jun 14, 2012

    Iris-the Goo Goo Dolls

    People are soooooooooooooo judgmental sometimes...most of the time lol.And I get really shy and quiet around people I don't know, so they just go off and find "normal" people to talk to and such.Even around my friends who I have known since elementary school I find myself at a...
    complexitykills complexitykills
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 15, 2011


    But that doesn't stop me from being social, I love to interact with people. Sometimes it's just difficult though when I'm interested in a wide range of.. uhm, erm.. creepy things and look somewhat... odd.. and the person or people I am socializing with well..they're not.I feel...
    CuteInChaos CuteInChaos
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 22, 2011

    Even Here And You're All Freaks So Wtf?!

    Not all the time though. IRL I get that feelin when my friends talk about times they hung out and I wasn't there. Or they have somethin in common and I'm like "that's dumb" and then they're both like "your lame". etc etc etc. And then on here too. Blah! It all sucks. But what...
    Serabi Serabi
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Jan 15, 2011


    As a child my family moved constantly, my only friends were my siblings. I never needed to learn how to fit in, and now I cant figure out how. To this day my only friends are my siblings, I dont know how to make friends, its scary!
    2young2bmom 2young2bmom
    1 Response Dec 8, 2008

    Not Necessarily a Bad Thing..

    There can be no doubt that I do not fit in - I have no friends, and I have no desire to be popular. I will not (consciously) make any compromises in order to be liked by people. The only reason I bathe and wear 'normal' (but second-hand) clothing is so I remain inconspicuous. If...
    FallaciesAppease FallaciesAppease
    26-30, M
    6 Responses Nov 27, 2008

    It's Complicated

    I never really fit in. That's why I become a loner and I have to encourage myself on my own. Some people are just sloppy and rude and disrespecful but I put on a smile and "hi" for them but I still end up not fitting in. NEVER really fit in, in school actually. Other areas of my...
    iLikeBBQchicken iLikeBBQchicken
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Apr 5, 2011
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