I No Longer Believed In God

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    Who's God?

    I don't believe in god.  I used to be very religious, i was brought up in a religious environment, but few years back I started questioning many things. Now I think that religion is a very good tool for controlling the masses of people. It works better than any constitution...
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    22 Responses Sep 24, 2009

    There Is No Such Being

    im sorry if i am offending pepole who are religos by saying this but i think god is fake and so is the church. i heard in the chirstian religon that the one and only unforgivable sin is that you dont belive in god. that just doesnt make any sence. there are very good pepole out...
    LelouchZero LelouchZero
    18-21, T
    Dec 26, 2009

    Okay, I Do Believe

    I believe that there is something out there but I don't know if there is one being handling it all.  I like to think it is like the DMV.  They are all doing half-assed work which is why there are delays and strife where there wouldn't be if it was all going smoothly...
    Parthenopeaigle Parthenopeaigle
    36-40, F
    1 Response Aug 30, 2010

    Worship Nothing

    i stopped believing in god several years ago. why worship something that doesnt even show its presence or existence. and on top of that, if it is an all good being, why does it make rapists, murderers, pedophiles, why does it say homosexuality is a sin (im straight, but have no...
    gmza gmza
    18-21, M
    1 Response Apr 3, 2013
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