I Notice the Small Things In Life

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    One of my "experiences",

    I noticed says, "I'd like to help other people on EP" why did I not notice? What are 'other' people? The ones that are not me? Or those Other people, you know those over there> So does it mean I gave up on myself and now seeing if I can help others? idn, but I'm very confused...
    jeresey jeresey
    61-65, F
    1 Response Mar 19, 2014

    Tiny Flowers

    I don't know what they are, but these little blue flowers are blooming all over the place!  They're tiny, no bigger than a hole made by a hole-punch.  And they're everywhere.Every time I look down, if there's grass/miscellaneous green ground cover I see these itty-bitty...
    Plaid Plaid
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Mar 4, 2012

    Anyone noticing what's going on?

    Why do we live in a society where the philosophy of thinking for yourself is only an idea but never a actual reality. I watched as my friends and family seem to be distancing themselves from me but really I was the one avoiding them. People change but is never perceived in a...
    creativePerspective creativePerspective
    22-25, M
    Oct 6, 2015

    Little Treasures

    Have you been already conscious that you can die tomorrow? No, not in reality. Not in the way: "Omg, I have a premonition that I will be murdered by a serial killer in the middle of the day ”. But for example: "My time here is limited.” While I type such...
    deleted deleted
    9 Responses Aug 15, 2009

    Little Boy. . . Im Sorry

    About 3 Weeks ago i was at the mall, waiting for a ride. i was sitting on the bench, just taking in the view.about 15 minutes waiting, i notice this, about 2 years old little boy, oh my goodness, was he fly!?he had on some nice little fresh kicks? fitted cap, nice jeans and a...
    loyallover loyallover
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Oct 31, 2011


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    muzm09 muzm09
    36-40, F
    Feb 4, 2015

    I simply adore them. It might be

    as little as not having a stuffy nose, but I have sure come to appreciate it quiet a bit.
    cherche cherche
    Jun 2, 2014

    Apparently people who live in Massachusetts

    and Rhode Island are notorious for not leaving their states.... It didn't notice it till someone from upstate New York mentioned it to me
    abercrombie99 abercrombie99
    18-21, M
    May 31, 2015
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