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    Here I was all ready to pack up and leave moving to another state running away as usual but then I decided to stop doing that and stay here. There was a CONTINUED problem with a total jerk who absolute,y refused to behave like an adult and STOP cranking that stupid music of his...
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    Mar 21, 2013
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    Jul 1, 2014
    rockkingsingh1 rockkingsingh1
    26-30, M
    Jan 9, 2014

    I Like Always Female Cloths

    i am wear a saree my mother and when i young than i buy a bra an blauose saree .i wear at home salwars kurta and dupptta and saree.i have 5 saree5 peticote 5blau och.i wear allways bra pantise  .i wear a saree when i am at hom  .  
    Preeti30 Preeti30
    31-35, M
    8 Responses Nov 17, 2012

    Kissed A Girl!? What Now?

    So here's the story- I am in year eight, I like people not to no much about me and I don't like to have lots of friends and be I'm the popular croud. I like my own group. I used tone in this group. But I fell out with, my best friends that group, so didn't really hang out with...
    Inmyownworld99 Inmyownworld99
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    Dec 30, 2012

    Just When I Think It's Gonna Be Ok.

    Here I am feeling confident and glad that I can finally get off that cash advance roller coaster that I put myself on when I let that ungrateful son of mine back into my home in November 2010. I got caught up with everything last month and this month is the LAST month that I...
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    Nov 29, 2012

    Life Lessons

    i grew up in a rough neighborhood with people who where a little unsavoury so i quickly turned to gangs for acceptence by the age of 11 i was selling weed for a few of my fathers friends at age 12 i was involved in a stabbing which was the result of someone very close to me their...
    kushkommander kushkommander
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    1 Response Aug 26, 2012

    Help I Need Advice

    I’ve been asked out by a couple. This the first time I have ever been asked out. I meet them though work and don’t really know them. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I wanting to say yes just because its the first time I’ve been asked out or should I give a try...
    zoey2380 zoey2380
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 1, 2013
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