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    Maum Meditation Is About Finding Who You Are

    Hi I've been practicing Maum Meditation for 6 years now, I started it in the main center in south Korea which is located in the mountains of South Korea. It's been quite an adventure for me, during my whole life i studied spirituality, religion and I was really trying to find a...
    yakson yakson
    31-35, M
    9 Responses Nov 12, 2012

    I’m Curious How To Do A Guided Meditation Like Maum Meditation.

    I have been self meditating for few months to improve my self. But it is not always working well. I want to keep meditating as I know it's good for me but kinda want to change my strategy. I found out on the internet that Maum Meditation is a guided meditation. I wonder how to do...
    SammyLouse SammyLouse
    31-35, F
    25 Responses Nov 21, 2012

    I Want To Know Benefits Of Maum Meditation.

    Hi! Everyone. I just want to tell you guys that I'm not in meditation person, but my girl friend she really loves meditation. What she practice is named Maum Meditation . She has been convincing me years, and I finally decide to go there around next week. Before practicing, I...
    hamsury hamsury
    36-40, M
    40 Responses Nov 16, 2012

    How Can Maum Meditation Change My Life?

    My life has been miserable, and drained.. I found maum meditation through youtube and I like it. I just need some change of my life. how can this change my life.. please help.
    markmate markmate
    31-35, M
    25 Responses Nov 20, 2012

    Maum Meditation Helps Me To Reduce Stress

    Hello I am a Maum Meditation practitioner. Practicing maum meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. This meditation works not only during the session but works daily life. I feel more comfortable when dealing with clients at work.
    mikewa mikewa
    36-40, M
    26 Responses Nov 21, 2012

    Question About Meditating

    Hi, I'm not looking for anything enlighening or spiritual, however I am looking for a way to think more clearly, increase my level of perception, and learn about the mechanics of meditation. Is there anyone here who can help me with this, or how to get started with meditation...
    thebadapple thebadapple
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jun 10, 2011

    Could I Ever Let Go Of My Worries Through Maum Meditation?

    I worry over every single trivial stuff which people could just let go of. I want to be free from my worries. I really hope this Maum Mediation would work things out. Can someone share the Maum Meditation Experiences?
    morakessan morakessan
    18-21, M
    25 Responses Nov 21, 2012

    On Maum Meditation

    It works. You become a ghost. You detatch emotionally of your past, good or bad. You get a purpouse in life. You get to feel needed. You feel that people really care! Because they really belive! So they rally care! You can finally get to a point where nothing is important...
    Andreazz Andreazz
    5 Responses Nov 30, 2013

    Maum Meditation Got Me Out Of Game Addiction.

    Hi all, I just wanted to share something good with others. Well, I'm a student. Of course, I'm supposed to study (at least doing homeworks :p). There was something that always hindered me from studying or even getting socialized with my friends: an online game. It was getting...
    steventip steventip
    18-21, M
    11 Responses Nov 27, 2012

    Maum Meditation Is Very Helpful Therapy

    I am currently meditating with this Maum and I think it's pretty good. My anxiety and stress have gone way down and I feel more energetic.... I would say don't knock it just because you can't figure out how to meditate. Overall, it really is CLEANSING away of all the crap you...
    tjones198011 tjones198011
    36 Responses May 18, 2011

    I Found The Brochure Of Maum Meditation. How Can I Get This Service?

    Hi, I found Maum Meditation brochure at the store, and when I read it, it seemed very interesting to me. I just wonder how can I start? and If I start, how many hours should I practice a day.. anybody know the answer?
    klementine52 klementine52
    31-35, F
    26 Responses Nov 20, 2012

    Maum Or Other Method...

    It works. You become a ghost. You detatch emotionally of your past, good or bad. You get a purpouse in life. You get to feel needed. You feel that people really care! Because they really belive! So they rally care! You can finally get to a point where nothing is important...
    Andreazz Andreazz
    4 Responses Dec 1, 2013

    Would Maum Meditation Be Helpful To Get Rid Of Useless Thoughts?

    Hi, I'm working and studying at the same time for my better future. I have too much floating thoughts and worries, so I cannot even focus on either work or study. Now I'm afraid of losing both of them. I was told Maum Meditation is helpful to get rid of those useless thoughts, so...
    bewrights bewrights
    31-35, M
    25 Responses Nov 21, 2012

    Maum meditation has helped me clear a lot of

    mental cluttering out of the mind and life. Before this meditation, I was going through a lot of soul search and explored many religious and new age spiritual teachings. As a result, the mind is filled with all kinds of information, that made it more confused and cluttered, and...
    Cleara0 Cleara0
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Jan 20, 2014

    Could Somebody Share The Experience About How Maum Meditation Can Affect Stress-relief?

    Hello I was interested in Maum Meditation recently, so I did a little bit of research. During my research, I came across a few of survey on the benefits of Maum Meditation. Among the results, the one that caught my eyes was more than 97% of people answered that Maum Meditation...
    lumparkeesan lumparkeesan
    26-30, M
    16 Responses Nov 28, 2012

    I'm A Troubled Sleeper. I Wonder If Maum Meditation Could Improve My Sleep.

    I've been nocturnal just because of floating thoughts. It would be so good if I could sleep for few hours at night. I'm afraid if sleeping pills would bring me some severe adverse effects. I once heard Maum Meditation was helpful in ridding of the floating thoughts. Does anyone...
    serena81 serena81
    26 Responses Nov 21, 2012

    I Just Took A Free Lecture Of Maum Meditation.

    I haven't practiced Maum Meditation yet, but just took a free introductory lecture today. And I liked it. it took around 40 minutes, I already felt great energy while staying at the meditation center. Everybody there seemed really happy. I might start this program soon.
    amysimson amysimson
    22-25, F
    23 Responses Nov 20, 2012

    Will Maum Meditation Improve My Relationships With People?

    I am a very shy person and it is difficult for me to make friends. I'm starting a new job soon and I'm nervous about having a good relationship with my future boss and co-workers. I have received a brochure from Maum Meditation, will it help me to improve my relationships with...
    nicoleca nicoleca
    26-30, F
    27 Responses Nov 21, 2012


    Hello....anyone here active in Maum meditation? If so would love to chat and share experiences. I just completed my first week and have some mix feelings but overall good. Can't wait to continue and feel enlightened as I cleanse my mind!
    NRGHealer NRGHealer
    107 Responses Dec 21, 2009

    Maum Meditation Is The Best Thing In My Life!

    After meditating, I feel bliss. And I accept what's happening in my life. With acceptance, a life is wonderful. Probably the world has provided me only good things but I couldn't see it. I enjoy to open my heart and just do the things without...
    ynetteho ynetteho
    34 Responses Aug 12, 2010
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