I Rapped By My Uncle

i ment i was rapped by my uncle as well as molested and also rapped by someone i thought of as an older brother if you have a story please post 12 People

    for 3 months.The worse 3 months of the life.

    "Its a game it will be fun but you cant tell any one we played" it was not fun...it hurt...it still hurts. I only told my parents about a day ago and my dad was so mad. Leap Frog.....thats what he first called it. "you dont want to break the rules"he would always say and i didnt...
    KidFlaky KidFlaky
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    I Was Rapped I Didn'T Know

    hello i was about 5-6 i was rapped when i was sleeping i didn't know i forgot to lock my door but when i was looking around they was some-one on my bed with my cloths off i was scared i was trying to scream but he put a sock in my mouth and he took the sock out then he forced...
    dreavergirl09 dreavergirl09
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    Why Did This Happen To Me

    Why did my mom have to die when I was 5 just turning 6? why did I have to be molested as a little girl why did I have to be rapped? why did my body have to be used for others personal advantages why did I have to be hated by the world so much for my life safety and trust to be...
    anastasiaperkins1995333 anastasiaperkins1995333
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