I React When I See a Cat

OMG a cat! 52 People

    I Can't Help Myself!

    If you want to hear me squeal like a little girl and see my eyes dilate, also here the baby-talk and cooing, just send a cat into the room! Cat or kitten, I go ga-ga whenever I see one! Even a photo of a kitten or cat will make me go, "AWWWW!" :-D And I get close to...
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    1 Response Mar 14, 2009


    Lol, ya, thats how I usually react. I love cats! :D XDI'm gonna be a crazy old cat lady before I turn even middle aged. :) XD
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    May 23, 2011


    No matter what they look like -- whether they're big or small, fat or thin, white or black -- I always react whenever I see one. Sometimes I even say "meow" when no one is near. My friends sometimes tease me that I'm still not tired of seeing cats outside even though I...
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