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    I Read It, Write It, And Have A Site For It!

    So as the title says, I love Harry Potter fanfiction. I have a potionsandsnitches.net account as well as a fanfiction.net account, and I also have my own Harry Potter RP site. I love Harry Potter and have since I first started reading the books in Elementary School. I only...
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    How The Mighty Fall

    I remember those days, when I was the superior one, who would never even consider reading fanfiction. Even the concept was abhorrent to me.  No one has the right to assume and reinterpret anything about another author's characters.  And to support such despicable acts...
    invisiblechick invisiblechick
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    I like to read and write dark/horror fic set in

    the Harry Potter universe. My favorite character to write is Teddy Lupin. Though he's a next gen character, the fact he's a Metamorphmagus appeals to me. I do enjoy Harry/Draco as well as other pairings, but really drawing off canon is so much fun. Interested in talking dark...
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    Oct 14, 2015
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    I do write the and such. Mainly Draco and Hermione, they suit each other.I read them alot too. If you want me to read yours leave a message or if you want to read mine leave a message and I'll send you a link. :)
    Buffy19 Buffy19
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    Dec 31, 2010

    Fanfiction Lovers Unite!

    Okay so I've been a huge fanfiction lover for the past year or so. I love both slash and het, and I absolutely adore AUs.   Fave Pairings: Remus/Sirius James/Lily Albus/Scorpius Scorpius/Lily (II) Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny Hermione/Snape Ginny/Remus Draco/Harry...
    mallk10 mallk10
    1 Response Aug 8, 2009

    Author And Avid Reader

    Yes, I am a geek, and on the internet, am not afraid to admit it. I have written a few fanfictions over the years. My most memorable one would be Fred Weasley is Going to be a....DAD?!?!? posted on quizilla.com quite a few years ago. Teenage fangirls still fawn over it, which...
    420Princess 420Princess
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    I Was Adiicted To It !!

    i literraly spent a whole summer glued to my computer living in hp world and devouring all the fanfictions i found (in french though) !! and then i started printing them and making them into books that i read regularly !! but thank god it's over !! i still love to read them from...
    mary2992 mary2992
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    EVERYDAY! I'm so obsessed with it!

    I do not like cannon-pairings at all! Absolutely hate them. I'm more into the unusual pairings. My favourite pairings for example : Draco/OC Draco/Luna Draco/Ginny Draco/Hermione Tom Riddle/ above girls Blaise Zabini/ above girls James Potter/ Hermione James Potter/OC Sirius...
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    I'm currently reading (rereading.

    ...) a series by anna on witchfics. Roman Holiday, Jewel of the Nile, and Last Tango in Paris. Pretty amazing writer. I'd buy her stuff she she ever published anything.
    Elysion Elysion
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    I Love Harry Potter Fanfiction...

    ...especially the traditional Harry/Ginny pairing. But I'm worried that as time goes by the current fanfic authors will drift away, and fewer will join until there's nothing new. I mean, I imagine that I'll probably drift away too, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. When...
    mylifeinpictures mylifeinpictures
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    My Friends Laugh But I Can't Help It!!!

    I write it I read it I love it! My fave pairings are....well none because I hate not using orginal characters. I like to read about Harry's girlfriend whose a slytherin or Fred being in love with his best gal pal (currently writing one of those) or Draco falling for the...
    BRandy208 BRandy208
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    Drarry YAS. It's kinda crazy

    that this has been my OTP for ten years now. Damn.
    bluegilledgirl bluegilledgirl
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    I love reading Harry Potter fanfiction. I'm a sucker for a well-written love story about these magical characters. I write stories as well. Some consider me a bit odd for "wasting my time" on reading and writing, but it's a hobby of mine that I will not give up easily...
    juhninja juhninja
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    Sep 1, 2009

    Does Anybody Know Of Any Good Stories?

    I enjoy reading Harry potter fan-fiction but have recently found it hard to find new fan fiction, I really like the Novel and continuing after book 7, does anyone have any recommendation for some good fan fiction? :)
    tylereoohoo tylereoohoo
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    I'd read OC x Malfoy Fanfics

    whenever I get tired of other Fandoms' fictions :3 I REALLY recommend 'Little Bird' and 'I Was Dared To Love You' I'm still reading Little Bird but I've finished I Was Dared To Love You. Take a peep and be amazed at the writings! :D
    jellyfishz jellyfishz
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    Apr 19, 2015

    Yes. I Do.

    I love reading it, and writing it...though I don't always find the time for the latter. Snarry? Ew Drarry? Yes please! Dramione? Only if its well written. Ginny - what a cow!
    sunnyP sunnyP
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    Feb 3, 2012

    Can't believe after so much prejudice

    and reading fanfic as a secret, I've finally written my own: it's a Harry Potter fanfiction of my favorite pairing, Tonks/Lupin... It's just, I couldn't find a fanfic that had pictured the moment Tonks tells Remus she is pregnant just right. It was strange, my English is a bit...
    TheGash TheGash
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    kenzieyeah kenzieyeah
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    Harry Potter Fanfiction- Hermione/ Snape- Chapter 5

    Snapes Chambers Once Hermione had got into her bed she pulled the covers over her head, “Lumos” she muttered and suddenly her wand was acting as a torch. “I Solemnly swear I am up to no good” she whispered, the map opened up and she ran her eyes over it. There...
    DarkenedAngel DarkenedAngel
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    I Was Adiicted To It !!

    i literraly spent a whole summer glued to my computer living in hp world and devouring all the fanfictions i found (in french though) !! and then i started printing them and making them into books that i read regularly !! but thank god it's over !! i still love to read them from...
    mary2992 mary2992
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    Jul 29, 2012

    This Is My First Fanfic.

    So this is my first fanfic and I would appreciate it if you could tell me your opinion of it. It's about drapple, as I ship them. I hope it's aright... Draco's mouth tingled as the sweet juice came to his senses. He didn't want to swallow this sweet juice, he wanted to savour it...
    Suicidenoteisinmyhand Suicidenoteisinmyhand
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    It Keeps The Story Alive

    I read it because it makes me feel that the characters that I grew up with are still alive and still living a life. I know that sounds silly but Harry Potter was a major part of my youth and when the books ended I felt like I had lost a friend.
    fishnetglo fishnetglo
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    Feb 8, 2012


    I do more than read. I drink in the stuff. I practically shoot up the junk. Not that it's junk, or, well, all of it isn't. It's awesome! But getting so deep into it actually changed my life, and not in a always positive way. My grades dropped, I spent less time with my family and...
    DramioneLurver DramioneLurver
    2 Responses Aug 9, 2009
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