I Remember Listining to Paul Harvey As a Kid

I am sure many of us did... share your memories. 33 People

    mtvlm mtvlm
    41-45, M
    Feb 21, 2011

    The Voice Of My Youth

    Paul Harvey was a part of our household and we tried to never miss one of his broadcast's even if it was on the car radio. We sat together as family and listened and we each tried to figure out who he was talking about as a game between us, mostly Paul Harvey won as we had no...
    Robert1256 Robert1256
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Dec 28, 2010

    Junior Too!

    Imagine my surprise when I showed up for slave labor at my dads shop and heard a guy that sounded like the guy I had been listening to forever on that AM dial, but was actually his son filling in. They sound nearly exact!
    deleted deleted
    Apr 15, 2011
    xkmb xkmb
    Jan 7, 2016
    mtvlm mtvlm
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Feb 21, 2011

    Good Day

    note: please bare with my spelling i cant figure out spellcheck thank you   I rember listoning to paul harvey as a kid, even as a teen, and younng adult. I was devistated when he died. he felt like he was one of the  family. he always left you with a warm feeling...
    hiwdy12 hiwdy12
    22-25, F
    Apr 19, 2010

    And Now You Have the Rest of the Story

    This last line of his commentary was one of my favs.  Our whole family would sit around the radio each afternoon to listen.  Then the adults would talk about what we had just heard.  I guess you could say this was my introduction into learning about the world...
    Grits4life Grits4life
    46-50, F
    5 Responses Mar 1, 2009

    Pauuuuuuuuuul Harvey. Good Day! And Now You Know How I Grew Up. Haha

    WOW! Every day at NOON. Didnt fail And you know what? Even as an adult, til as few as maybe 10 years ago, that dial was set to come on every time I would drive the long old trek to their home I dont get there that much anymore but when i do....it never changes. LOL I hate to...
    IFoundYourDiary IFoundYourDiary
    51-55, F
    Oct 3, 2010
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