I Remember Phone Booths

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    Phone Booth

    I guess Clark Kent is out of business these days.....no phone booth to change in.
    mailmanshadow mailmanshadow
    56-60, M
    Apr 17, 2011

    I found a blue one when I was a kid

    and pretended I was In the Tardis then my mum walked off and I got lost so now I hate phone boxes :/
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    1 Response Jan 17, 2016


    Almost every place of business had at least one.We stayed at a hotel once that had a row of phone booths along a wall. Must have been 20 or more phone booths. My big brother and I stepped into a couple and he called me from his phone booth. We laughed about that.
    marriedup marriedup
    56-60, M
    Jan 15, 2013


    Yes, I do remember phone booths - like the one in the picture - the red ones in the UK.  They had a unique and unmistakeable smell associated with them.  It defies description although there was a background note of urine in there somewhere ...What a charming and unforgettable...
    womaninbliss womaninbliss
    51-55, F
    10 Responses Feb 3, 2011

    Phone Booths

    Ya I remember em and I was born in 86'! My boyfriend and I had to use the payphone this weekend. He didn't know how to use it! I say partly because he's from the mountains and was born in 91 which meant when he was a teenager cell phones were in.
    22-25, F
    Sep 28, 2011
    bemmie bemmie
    18-21, F
    May 21, 2015

    I Love Old Movies W/just Phone Booths.....

    Two movies pop into my head...After Hours (1985) Griffin Dunn and a cast of characters... he gets lost in Soho (NYC)...and he is constantly trying to make a phone call to get outta the place...UBER FunnY!The other is American Gangster (2007) BUT takes place in the 1970's...
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    3 Responses Oct 17, 2012

    Junkie In The Phone Booth

    It was in a small bar in bpt ct where I saw an old wood and glass phone booth with the 2part pull door and as I was admirering it I noticed a guy slumped over and druling inside I was like yea just like old times lol
    fryertuck fryertuck
    46-50, M
    1 Response Jan 29, 2013

    We still have some phone booth near my place

    In Lake Macquarie NSW Australia
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    2 Responses Jan 16, 2016

    And I Remember Calling Cards.

    It has been a long time since I had to dig for change to make a phone call from a phone booth. That lady who came on to let you know that you had to insert more more change to continue talking and digging frantically for it. Having to walk somewhere to find a phone booth. I love...
    dearanyone dearanyone
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Apr 10, 2011

    Dvd Lord Remembers Phone Booths!

    Hello this is DVD Lord(Skunk) here I remember Phone Booths they were a rectangular they are made of glass on the sides they had a yellow book which hung from a chain you used to put a coin in them a dime this was back in the 1970's they were very good when it was raining not like...
    41-45, M
    Apr 4, 2011

    Phone Booths

    I used to work for a company and we cleaned 20,000 telephone booths....and mended them...hideous job for those that did it and someboxes had to be cleaned 3 or 4 times per day....alwyas having to take out "the cards" which were quickly replaced...Joy!!!
    cosmicpete cosmicpete
    46-50, M
    6 Responses Sep 15, 2011
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