I Remember The Tawse

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    At my primary school the tawse was used by the

    headmaster, class teachers used either a gym shoe or a cane to punish kids. the cane was usually applied on the palm of your hand and the slipper on your butt. The head would ask if you wanted it on your hand or your bottom, I think it hurt mo.e on your hand but it seemed less...
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    It was not an actual tawse what they used at my

    school. It was a thick short leather strap its width was close to our small palms size. All priests had one in the same fashion so I guess they bought them in a batch. I wonder who was the supplier. It was used on a daiy basis but there were some teachers who were really fond of...
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    All Scotsmen Over A Certain Age Do!

    There can't be many men (and not many more women) now in their mid-40s or over who didn't see their classmates being belted and nearly all would have had to hold their hands out for the belt themselves; there are also plenty of folk around who were teachers and used the belt with...
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    Deliberately Getting Belted

    I had on attending secondary school been belted on only two occasions and was now in the 2nd year. I could not say that I had enjoyed my experiences as such but was fascinated by them. I was generally pretty well behaved so was not in any real danger of getting it frequently...
    Liam60s Liam60s
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    Aye. Ah Ken It Fine.

    An onybiddy here wha knens it tae's gonnie be Scots an aa syne it were only cried that wey here. It wis mad in Lochgelly, Fife, wey anent Loch Leven, Kelty an Cowdenbeath . Ah mind ye hud the twa ur the thrie tang variety. It wis a big deal tae be belted or strapped wi the...
    Pa1nsMcmurdo Pa1nsMcmurdo
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    Nov 14, 2012

    Corporal Punishment Reminiscences Forum: Do

    you have an interest in reading and submitting reminiscences of corporal punishment, as given in the "good old days"? Did YOU yourself get corporal punishment at school or at home? The new CP Rem Forum may be the place for you! The forum is a spin off site, from the Yahoo Group...
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    Jul 2, 2015
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