I Respect Che Guevara

♦I believe in principle that communisim could work...and Che knew that♦ 33 People

    Che - Learn Before You Comment

    People who think they know Che should read something written by an author who doesn't have a right-wing agenda (ex: Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara By Jorge Castaneda) as well as some Cuban history before the revolution. Revolutions don't happen in a vacuum...
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    Che Guevara The Revolutionary

    Che wanted peace eguality and happiness in all of Latin america he was a very good guy he and castro [my two heroes] improved education and healthcare in Cuba and if you fascist and capitalist scum can't respect that remeber it is our beliefs. the left and the right almost never...
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    Your 'hero'

    A Cuban gentleman named Pierre San Martin was also among those jailed by the gallant Che. A few years ago he recalled the horrors in a El Nuevo Herald article. "32 of us were crammed into a cell" he recalls. "16 of us would stand while the other sixteen tried to sleep on the...
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    I Love Che Guevara!!!

    I love him. I love him so much it's ridiculous. He's on my phone and laptop wallpaper. I have his interviews/speeches downloaded into my pod. His spirit. The fact that he could've lived a life of luxury, but he chose to fight for the people. His strength. His bravery. "I do...
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    Storm In My Heart

    i for the 1st time saw a pic if Che Guevara on my fren's T-shirt...and i asked...who's dis guy....he gave me a strange look....nd asked me to go thru a book-the motorcycle diaries....i read it....i liked it...then i gt a chance to read about his struggle against US nd his heroics...
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    Viva La Revolucion!

    Che died fighting for the oppressed and against imperialism. Che Guevara  (Interesting!  Did you know that Che also had Irish Roots) Last summer in Bolivia, government authorities scoured the countryside in search of a skeleton with no hands. Eventually, the corpse was...
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    Oct 17, 2012

    Che Was A Serial Murdering Scum

    I have to laugh at all the half wit kids who think Che is some kind of hero. He was the worst kind of murdering cowardly scum.   He was an assasin, sadist, bumbler, fool, and whimpering, sniveling, blubbering coward, yet revered by millions of imbeciles. Cowardly murderer...
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    He Was An Exceptionally Flawed Man

    But was also a genius, and a true socialist. He was harsher on himself than anyone else and he was described by Sartre as 'the most complete human being of our time'. He was a man to be respected.
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    Apr 24, 2012

    I Respect Che Guevara As Much As I Respect A Dog Turd

    Sniveling murdering coward, child killer and rascist
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