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    What Are The Arrangements Tomorrow ?

    What are the arrangements tomorrow ? If you have not . how about joining us at www.bikersingle.org
    BikerSingle BikerSingle
    Sep 28, 2013

    The Only Way To Go.

    It's the best way to travel !!!!!!!!
    comebacksoon comebacksoon
    51-55, M
    6 Responses Apr 10, 2010

    I ride a Ducati 848 Evo in pearl white,

    the Ducati Superbike 848 EVO is the lightest superbike ever built by Ducati. The EVO model is 6 hp stronger than the standard model, boosting the power up to 140 hp. The torque was also increased to 10 kgm resulting in a sharper acceleration and a flowing power delivery. The...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 21, 2014

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning guys! Just want to extend an invitation to our website. We provide batteries for dozens of uses. We got batteries for your motorcycle, dirtbike, or medical, industrial, automotive needs. Check us out now! Our batteries are high quality and are at discounted rates...
    YouNeedBatteries YouNeedBatteries
    Jan 10, 2012

    Hello everyone! I am a new member here

    and love riding my motorcycle. I own a 2010 FJR1300 and love her. BTW I am in Canada. Ride safe everyone 🏇
    rockreti rockreti
    51-55, M
    Sep 7, 2015

    Just a Dream

    I dream of riding my bike around wearing a mini skirt pantyhose steletose and bra and knickers and top just to be a flirt and see if I get noticed
    bundygirl bundygirl
    31-35, T
    5 Responses Oct 8, 2008

    Biker ? Single ?

    I am a single biker woman , I joined www.bikermeet.org Is anyone there ?
    BikerSingle BikerSingle
    1 Response Oct 28, 2013

    How To Control Myself

    I've just got my motorcycle driving license, I had a car driving license for years, when I was feeling depressed and lonely, I would take my sports car and tear the asphalt apart, with speeds 180 km/h in the city center, racing running red lights, driving on the wrong side of the...
    andro333 andro333
    22-25, M
    3 Responses Jul 24, 2012


    I ride a Yamaha FZ6 as often as I can.  I love the way it balances and I love how fast it accelerates.
    PHSensei PHSensei
    36-40, M
    4 Responses May 19, 2008

    Who Wants To Go For A Ride?

    A response of mine to another person's post reminded me of how much I enjoyed riding with a companion.  Some women don't know how to ride or it makes them nervous.  They're afraid to lean into the curves or nervous about getting too close to you. And then there are those girls...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Sep 9, 2011

    Sometimes, it takes the whole tank of gas to

    clear my head....Today was one of those days!!! But good grief, it was fricken incredible and I loved every minute. So thankful for the #2wheellife
    soldiergirl2 soldiergirl2
    41-45, F
    1 Response Nov 21, 2015

    I ride a 2005 Yamaha WR450F.

    i love dirtbikes. enduros. scramblers. crossers. offroad and free. riding in the woods and making your own path.
    deleted deleted
    Aug 3, 2015
    Motorcyclemeansfreedom Motorcyclemeansfreedom
    18-21, M
    Jul 19, 2015

    so i recently learned how to ride in the spring

    and i love it i've road to gatlinburg, tn. which is about a 200 mile trip one way and and i road the dragon. this is my bike.
    danie410 danie410
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Sep 13, 2014

    I Ride To Get Connected

    When I ride... I feel connected. Connected to myself. Connected to my creator. Connected to everything around me. The throttle regulates my heart.... I twist my wrist and I can feel the blood coarsing through my veins. I know I'm alive. My helmet is a filter, shutting out...
    cbrf3rider cbrf3rider
    41-45, M
    1 Response May 6, 2012

    My Bike

    Now this bike has history in my family but i ride a 2006 Harley Road King.  It was my brothers bike.  He passed away ridding it Memorial day 2007.  And when all was said and done i was allotted the privilege of getting to drive such a beautiful machine.
    BgDmbOx BgDmbOx
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Dec 21, 2011

    Then And Now

    I started riding in the 70s on a Honda CB 750K. Rode 5 years, had kids then 5 years ago baught a new Triumph America. Love that machine! Ride with freinds and brother in North West Florida. Wish I could retire and just ride.
    deleted deleted
    Aug 18, 2012

    Ride Free

    I have been riding motorcycle since i could start one on my own (8 years old) .It is hard to explain to someone what it means to me to ride if they had never done it themselfs. Reciently i have joined a large "club" with over 250.000 riders -it is called the Patriot Guard Riders...
    philcoaz philcoaz
    51-55, M
    3 Responses May 3, 2012


    I am going today to take the safety course to get my license. I've never ridden a motorcycle before but I've always wanted to. I'm changing that today. I hope it's just the start of the changes in my world. Update: I've been riding a motorcycle for the last two summers. It's...
    tkski tkski
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Oct 20, 2012

    Nice Day With My Fiends On Bikersingle.Org

    Jusu want to say I had a great day with my fiends on bikersingle.org looking foward to next meet up ...........
    BikerSingle BikerSingle
    Sep 21, 2013

    Riding is my therapy.

    I ride a Boulevard M50 in charcoal and yellow. Great mid-level cruiser but I'm looking to upgrade....thinking Victory Hardball.
    Bullbuddy Bullbuddy
    31-35, M
    Apr 9, 2014

    55 degrees out and about to get some much

    needed therapy. I love being on my sportbike.... one of the best feelings in the world. Brap on friends!!
    soldiergirl2 soldiergirl2
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Dec 8, 2014

    Honda Cbx 250

    i just got my new Honda CBX 250 Twister. im loving it ! its my first bike and im still learning to drive it, its just awesome!!!
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Nov 28, 2011

    I love riding my motorcycle it's

    so much fun especially on hilly and curvy roads (the dangerous type of roads) I ride my motorcycle in all types of weather as well
    CaptElenaRisk CaptElenaRisk
    31-35, T
    May 8, 2014

    Damn, it's just HOT out there.

    I used a new technique to stay cool last weekend. After camping at the lake, we took one more dip once we'd packed up. I swam in my running shorts. Decided not to dry them before I pulled on my mesh summer riding pants. This actually kept me cool for the 2.5 hour ride home.
    deleted deleted
    Jul 21, 2015

    Honda Cruiser. Ride with a group of friends

    regularly for day trips on weekends. My wife rides her own bike as well.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 29, 2015
    Harley53 Harley53
    61-65, F
    2 Responses Nov 14, 2014

    Meet Local Bikers Who Want To Ride And Hit The Road With Them Today.

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    molly24 molly24
    Oct 21, 2013

    If You Find Yourself Needing A New Battery...

    check us out at www.youneedbatteries.com we have batteries for automotive, industrial or even medical use at discounted prices. We even have motorcycle batteries! Check us out and have a great week!
    YouNeedBatteries YouNeedBatteries
    Jan 3, 2012

    My Motorcycle(s)

    I currently own a 2008 Buell Ulysses XB12X.  Previously I had a 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, and prior to that a 2006 Buell Ulysses.  I also have a Kawasaki KZ1000, and I have owned a lot of (Mostly older) Kawasakis, Harleys, and Hondas. I've been riding...
    phantomecho phantomecho
    31-35, M
    3 Responses May 6, 2008

    Many Years Riding.

    I started riding about 30 years ago.  A friend had a bike which he taught me to ride in a school yard on off hours.  It was a 1966 Suzuki Hustler, 2 stroke engine.   It ended up dying a lot and I didn't have it long. Since then I've ridden a 450 Ducati Desmo...
    NewPerception NewPerception
    51-55, M
    1 Response Oct 20, 2009

    Illinois weather is so shity,

    almost 60 today, but raining. **** it I'm riding! High of 26 tomorrow not cool.
    Mrdea Mrdea
    31-35, M
    Dec 4, 2013

    The Road Alone Replenishes The Soul.

    I am an INFJ. I took a test to determine this in 1999. Then my life fast-forwarded through some amazing experiences, both good & bad, to 2013. I have been riding motorcycles for nearly three years now. Most of the individuals I know who ride do so only a small amount each year...
    Platypyr0 Platypyr0
    36-40, M
    Apr 26, 2013

    It's a red ninja250R,

    and I named it Vulpix. My greatest fear used to be speed, so I decided to force myself to conquer that fear. Now... I have to be very alert in order to not get speeding tickets ;) Bonus points to anyone who knows the origin of the name ;)
    BeforeViolet BeforeViolet
    22-25, F
    10 Responses Jan 21, 2014

    Ride A Harley

    Have a Harley and I love to ride it. I know for the past 5 years I have put more miles on the Harley than I have put on my truck.  Anyone who rides their bike is alright in my book so to all of you "keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up"
    chngiscoming chngiscoming
    51-55, M
    5 Responses Sep 6, 2010

    Well Rode One Sadly

    Not gotten my leathers on in a few years but still miss my VFR.  sigh.  But the beastie was a little to hefty for me to move around on my own and lately not been able to consider another one.  Do miss the freedom and the sheer fun of going out and going nowhere for...
    Calia Calia
    46-50, F
    1 Response Oct 29, 2009

    Memorable Ride

    We went for a quick ride to beat the heat a couple evenings ago. To the west, the sky looked blue and boiling, I'm sure you've seen something like it. We decided to continue to the next town, get a quick bite at a fast food joint and circle back home. The place took our order and...
    funforme2 funforme2
    56-60, M
    Jul 9, 2012

    Close Call Today

    We finally had a dry day today and I was able to take my bike out for a good ride. I only have a CBR400RR its quite fast. I had been out for about 20 minutes and was headed over some country roads. I know the area quite well but came into one of the corners a little too quick. I...
    darrenmadden1984 darrenmadden1984
    26-30, M
    Jan 12, 2012

    I Totalled My Cbr400rr Yesterday!

    My motorbike riding days have come to an end! I have decided that it’s not worth it. Yes they are fun by the ones closest to me worry for my safety. This would be my third accident in 6 months. Which means I am either very unlucky or I just can’t ride a bike. Also my...
    darrenmadden1984 darrenmadden1984
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Mar 4, 2012

    And I'm in Chicago so the season is somewhat

    limited. Also being in a sexless marriage ... well.... I'd like to meet someone who either has a bike and rides or wants to ride with me . Maybe a trip up through country roads ... Find a nice place to pull over and see what comes up... Who knows where the road takes us..
    bghosefan bghosefan
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 6, 2015
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