I Search For Sincere Connections

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    This is probably one of my favorite poems. I feel that it really describes what this search for connection is.   The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer  It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you...
    trailguide trailguide
    36-40, F
    37 Responses Jul 19, 2008

    No reason to lie on here

    since I hardly know you anyways and we will both speak faster , clearer and with more depth than if we "lag time"our thoughts with lies we will get tripped up in
    MrHeartaFire MrHeartaFire
    41-45, M
    Oct 12, 2014

    I wish there was better communication between

    the sexes. I lost a good friend who listened to me ramble while smiling and nodding the entire time. He never stopped to call bullshit or ask questions....just smiling and nodding. Now I have been painted fake and dishonest and cut off. I miss him. The emptiness is real. I never...
    Mishu69 Mishu69
    51-55, F
    1 Response Mar 8, 2016

    Forever Searching

    Aren't sincere connections all we really have?
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

    Let Us Explore The Depths And Dimensions Of Each Other's Souls

    I do not desire someone to complete me, I am already whole. What I desire is simply to explore another individual's viewpoint as vastly as I can, and share my own as well, to the same magnitude. As vast as my own being is, I love variety and what is different. It keeps life fresh...
    monsterdog81 monsterdog81
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Aug 13, 2011

    Just Get Me.

    I need someone that gets me. I need to just get someone. You know...where you don't even have to speak to eachother. You just know. I need someone to listen to those things I keep inside. Someone that won't judge, or tell me to get help. I don't need help. The only person that's...
    justagirl1 justagirl1
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jun 18, 2008


     It's my goal in life. To meet people. To stay on an intimate level with people. Forever.
    CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
    Sep 13, 2011


    I've always tended to prefer one-on-one time with my friends to group get togethers, although if they're good friends getting together as a group is fine sometimes. But I've found that getting together with one friend at a time is conducive to the kind of sharing on more and...
    seabreeze5100 seabreeze5100
    46-50, F
    1 Response Mar 15, 2009

    The Power Of Enthusiasm & Connection

    This piece is for general consumption. However I wrote it with a very special person in mind. I'd like to think she will know it when she reads it. Watch children under the age of five sometime. It's worth it. This is the age before we learn to judge; the age before we see the...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 14, 2013

    Feeling Complete

    There is probably nothing more fulfilling than connecting to another human being (a friend, a parent, a lover or even a stranger). This feeling of connection is difficult to explain. It is more than understanding each other's words and more than feeling happy at the very moment...
    thinkandfeel thinkandfeel
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jan 6, 2011
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