I Sense Ur Sadness

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    And Dedicate a Song,i Translated It..

    Ur guardian angel When u feel loneliness,when the house is empty,u ll have me as a company and i ll give u courage. When the sky becomes black,when ur hug gets frozen and when u feel u r drowning i ll b coming near u. *u just only b ok,to not see in ur eyes even a tear,we may...
    amysangels amysangels
    22-25, F
    14 Responses Oct 5, 2009

    It Will Be Ok*

    i can see u from far,as if u are close, i tell u im here,when the wind makes u feel cold, when the rain makes u cry, i assure u im here,dont worry im holding ur hand. *it will be ok* *it will be ok* just believe ,u cant push me away,i just believe in u, i sense...
    amysangels amysangels
    22-25, F
    17 Responses Mar 24, 2010

    I typed the word sad in the search bar by

    mistake and when I scrolled down I was utterly shocked by the number of sad experience people have. What is happening in the world? I remember my gran telling me that happiness is something you'll find in the smallest thing if you know how to look at it from a positive point.. I...
    Pandainpinktutu Pandainpinktutu
    18-21, F
    Feb 9, 2014

    I Sense Ur Sadness..

    i sense ur sadness,look inside my heart when u just feel crying. Dont hide the problem,i love u n its ok to be sad.Just know u have that loves u more than anything. When i ll try making u smile is because ur smile can bright ur day as mine too but when u r sad dont hide it. I...
    amysangels amysangels
    22-25, F
    18 Responses Sep 6, 2009

    I Do..i Really Do

    I suffer or am blessed with a gift.. We all do really we just dont know it. Its called impathic or to be an impath. It funny sometimes i joke that if i didnt feel others emotions, i wouldnt know what it was like to have them. When i was younger i never really showed or felt...
    hopper130 hopper130
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

    Love To Help

    If I see a person sad anywhere I have to stop and ask them of their okay or if I can help. Its like I feel peoples pain and I have to help. If I turn away from someone I snese is sad I cry for days thinking of all the bad things that that person could have been going through and...
    KatMarston KatMarston
    18-21, F
    1 Response Dec 7, 2009

    Hugs N Love**

     hey,u think nobody knows u r hurting?..i feel,u r trying..u want to feel peace..its ok to feel tired,life is like that..i feel many times like that too..i ll give u a smile,smile too..ur smile is like a shining diamond..it can light the whole world..u r strong,i know..u ll...
    amysangels amysangels
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Jan 22, 2010

    Sad Life Stroy

    Well every morning I get up . I have to watch my 2 sister mean make brefast luch dinner. Wash dish clothes clean up. Well mom sleep all day make me go store for her . And I treat whith no respet. I think my sitter try kill me . She thorw glass cup at ny head and I had clan up...
    Csrmph3 Csrmph3
    13-15, M
    Aug 1, 2012


    Our love could have been an epic love story, his meet hers, feel in love at the very first conversation. Just couldn’t get enough of each other 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our love was bigger than life. Little that she know; love doesn’t last forever. What I know...
    angelsarefalling angelsarefalling
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 24, 2010
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