I Slept With My Friend

I slept with my friend 55 People

    Went on a camping trip with him.

    Originally 3 other friends were supposed to come, but they bailed out at the last minute. He was sleeping with 5 other girls, I was holding back until I met one of my online friend irl. (He's coming to visit soon.) We shared some stories and secrets around the campfire, and it...
    PuppyFangs PuppyFangs
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    I Slept With My Smoking Hot Friend of 15 Years

    I slept with my friend of 15 years. It was awesome. He's super sexy, the kind of guy super gorgeous women wanna sleep with. Our friendship has always been based on us having similar goals and admiring eachothers talent. We would cross paths and catch up. We both had big moments...
    LoveHimmore LoveHimmore
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    I slept with my friend and now it is all akward. I really do like him. ****. now he is graduated and summer is gonna be crazy.
    becabear becabear
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    May 18, 2009

    Terrible Mistake.

    We have known each other for a couple of years, but only recently started hanging out a lot this winter. I am 23, she is 45. We have both been attracted to each other since we met, but until last Wednesday we never acted on it. We met up at a bar in town, got sloshed and went...
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    Probably 5 ot 6 years ago,

    i had a huge crush on a married woman I knew. One day, someone who knew us both, told me that she might be interested in me too. So, I broke my own rule and asked her if she wanted to explore something on the side. She declined, I apologized and let it drop. A couple of months...
    steve66oh steve66oh
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