I Sold My Soul to Satan

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    The bible says we are to live in this world

    but not be "OF" this world. But wasn't it from the very dirt of this world that "God" made man? Take the trees for example. Very unappreciated, trees. They are alive. They need water and sunlight to grow, yes? And do they not breathe? So ask yourself, "if the trees are alive...
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    Why Me? I Think I'm Sure I Wanna Sell My Soul...

    If you go on my profile I literally just made it an posted a story. Please read it. If you don't read it ill tell it as short as possible. So basically, all my life has been ****! I've been molested by my own family, they always stole from me, I was beaten as a kid sometimes, etc...
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    I sold my soul to Satan

    and do not regret it. I wrote it up like a contract and made sure there were no loopholes. Afterwards I signed in pen and in blood. I sold my soul to him in order to achieve fame, fortune and but most importantly to make my family healthy. And when I die I made a deal that in...
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    Is there a rule on this?

    Like can you only get money or fame? What about love? Would that work, I mean bc it wouldn't me love it would be forcing Simone to love you but what if they are meant to be with someone els. Will you still get them f you sell your souls for them? I don't wanna just do it for...
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    If You Are Serious

    message me if you are not don't.
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    Well, I am going to on July 12th (full moon).

    Before you say "don't do it!" or say "who cares?" I just wanted to put it out there just because I'm losing my mind I just need to get this out of my chest. If I can't share this personally to anyone, I might as well post it anonymously online. So, here is my here's my story: I...
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    I Just Can't Believe

    I just can't believe this group even exist. Everyone says sell your soul sell your soul like this is something good. I mean you may get what you want but what happens when the Devil ask for payment. What happens then? Like I just told someone else in 1,000 years whatever the...
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    Hi am wallace . I cant speal good or read good so try to bare with me and help me out ok, I tryed to seal my soul to satin but i dont know how i tryed chants but thats not warking so if any one can help i would love that so much. I bean try it do it so i could geet a knew badey...
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    Hello i would like to write down my experience

    with soul selling I was in desperate time in my life and decided to go ahead summon the devil. I asked for money women and a better life altogether. so if anyone wants to sell their soul please contact me but before you I understand that most people are broke and have no money...
    roberto20 roberto20
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    For Those Thinking Of Selling Soul To Devil. I Say Do It!!!

    Hi everybody. I have been interested in the occult, black magic and various other things of that nature for some time now and have spent the last 18 months researching people who have made a pact with the devil or indeed sold their soul to satan.For the most part there was a lot...
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    But I Didn't Kill the Deputy.

    When I was about 17, then I signed it in my blood. Not sure what ever happened to the contract.
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    Seriously. I want fame.

    I regret nothing.
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    I wanted to sell my soul

    but I dont know how can you help me please :(
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    Sold Soul For Acting Oppurtunity

    I was 18 years old at the time. I was in bed, and I called out the name of the Devil. It was that simple, and yet in my heart I felt as though I had really given myself over to him. I had asked that he assist me enter the film industry. I booked a guest nominated role, I went to...
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    I like this group, nice profile picture.

    I haven't yet..but I'd be willing, anyone here know how I contact Satan?
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    I sold my soul to Satan recently.

    Satanic pacts are binding and can't be changed. The ritual requires you to sign your name in your own blood. Your suppose to set up a protection ritual with a black candle and a blue candle. Light the candles and then you summon Satan. While the candles are lit write your...
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    Satan rejected my soul he knows my kind he

    won't be dragged down he's seen my face around 1 he knows heaven doesn't seem 2 to be my home so I must find somewhere else to go I must find somewhere else to go so take it-please it's free you'll never see you'll never see all the fun in life it's cost me 3 Satan...
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    Mar 17, 2016


    I have been interested in this for quite some time now, I need help from someone who has done this before, I want to make a contract with the Lord Satan, I am 100% positive that this is the road I want to take and I don't want to hear an bs from non supporters! If there is...
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    My Educated Discourse On Adstars Ways As A

    1. What is a Christian? A Christian is a person that follows in the ways and actions of Jesus the Anointed one of God (Christ). 2. What is ADSTARS? This is an a person who claims to be of Christ and "follows" Jesus...therefore that would make him a CHRISTIAN; A follower in the...
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    Sep 21, 2013

    I refuse to let him say

    and call me any more nasty names in front of her.males me cringe any time he screams my names at me. This is it right? I have no live left just pure anger and if I don't leave now my smart *** mouth will get me killed 😡😡😡😒
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    Apr 4, 2016

    hey, I wanna sell my soul to devil

    for money... Can anyone help me with this... Just tell me what should i do?
    Aljosaxxx Aljosaxxx
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    Yes I have sold my soul to Satan

    and have never regretted doing that and never will no matter what anyone else says.
    nyx39 nyx39
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    Selling My Soul Or Whatever

    I have been researching and became very curious on this topic. has any1 tried and succeeded? Share your experience with me. Plz don't lecture me about it being wrong and all that crap.
    curiousImty curiousImty
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    Im Calling Evry One Who Know The Rituals Of Soul Selling.i Need Them For My Self

    Hey.can any one help me by Posting the rituals of soul selling,with all the details.dos lusifer come out him self or just a worker??.he comes on a human face or what??.dos it scar u or sum **** like that????
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    The Great Controversy

    Sometime ago, the French Canadien Roger Morneau wrote a book called, "A Trip into the Supernatural" based largely on Seventh Day Adventist mythos. The book has been translated into numerous videos on youtube. A good free place to start is with watching these youtube accounts...
    RosenKreutzer RosenKreutzer
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    May 11, 2013

    Here Is The True Gospel For The World

    Here you can copy and paste it and print and share it to all people that you know especially Christians, Jews, and Muslims. You are free to add more bullet points to this document. Who or what is God? 1. God is whatever you want it to be. - you are not being forced to...
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    I did too out of desperate measures,

    but my life is wonderful now
    iceboy666 iceboy666
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    Oct 10, 2015

    i m ser confused to whom i can rely upon i

    want to sell my soul who give a **** about what will happen to us later on ,when we wnt even remember the goodies if anyone can help then pls do help
    atom97 atom97
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    Apr 16, 2016

    This Is Long But It Will Make Sense

    I Am Christian Christians And Non-Resistance. Loving Our Enemies. Ever since the Messiah Jesus came back to life on the third day after his execution all of humanity has been invited to accept him as their Redeemer, to have their sins forgiven through his grace so as to be...
    Freeindividual Freeindividual
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    Sep 21, 2013

    I Am Thinking About Selling My Soul.

    I'm thinking about selling my soul not for fame though. I am recently starting to go through a divorce and I have a beautiful daughter and another child on the way. I want to do this out of love. I want to make sure my children are well taken care of. that we have plenty of money...
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    I think ive gotten closer to making a deal i

    heard mumbling last night i think soon ill finally get it done
    Secgate Secgate
    1 Response Dec 19, 2015

    I have sold my soul to Satan already

    but I am quite interested to know how other people did their ritual. Mine involved a contract and a lot of blood.
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    I Know Satan's Last Name!

    It is really good too! Filled all types of evil that Christians would never use. So much Blasphomey that a Christian will literally shard their spiritual shaved rectums. A name filled with so much corruption and evil spirit energy that God had to widen the diameter of the...
    Freeindividual Freeindividual
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    1 Response Sep 11, 2013

    I'm desperately trying to sell my soul

    but I have heard so many different ways on how to do it. I've tried numerous times the Dr. Rex Touth method of "Satan I summon you I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right" but nothing ever happens. I'm tired of the life I am living and need to do bigger and better...
    Thughes24 Thughes24
    3 Responses May 11, 2015

    I need to sell my soul to get her back.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    MakeMeKing MakeMeKing
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    2 Responses May 2, 2014
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