I Sometime I Feel Like I'll Never Find Someone to Love Me

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    It Does Sometimes Feel Like That To Me

    it is said that there is someone out there for everyone. but how much truth is there in that. i dont know if i will ever meet that someone who will love me for me. iam unique and would require someone just as unique. in this world though it can at times be hard to find unique...
    echosofdarkness echosofdarkness
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 28, 2011

    Ha! So True

    It must be because I’m tired but I feel like I’m missing out on something by not having “someone”.  I have wanted to accomplish so much more at this point in my life.  When I see the good that couples share, I really feel like I am missing...
    Parthenopeaigle Parthenopeaigle
    36-40, F
    1 Response Apr 27, 2010

    I Have Never Been "that Girl"...

    Yeah, so, relationships have never been a big part of my life.  One reason is because it was never an area that I seemed to thrive in.  School, sports, work, got that all under control.  But love...never.  There are girls out there that when I look at them...
    thesensitiveone15 thesensitiveone15
    5 Responses Apr 12, 2010

    The Beginning Of The End.

    It all started a year ago when I (Erica ..15 years old then, Tall, tan, thin, medium thick long brown hair and dark brown eyes) moved to Montana from Connecticut . I was all alone when I and my family moved into our nice quaint little house In a nice little neighborhood . We are...
    Pasdionateformusic Pasdionateformusic
    1 Response Jun 26, 2011

    “I have outlasted all desire,

    My dreams and I have grown apart; My grief alone is left entire, The gleamings of an empty heart. I live in lonely desolation And wonder when my end will come. -Alexander Pushkins ..extracts
    cherishuforever cherishuforever
    41-45, F
    1 Response Mar 25, 2014

    There's A Saying...

    "I'm always behind the scenes, never the star. I'm always the friend, never the girl." Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being "the friend". I like how my guy friends are more close to me than they are with someone they're romantically interested in. They're more carefree, not...
    DarkAngel123 DarkAngel123
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Dec 30, 2010

    Not Surprised That No One Loves me

    sure i have had guys after me.. but thats not the point. who would want to love me? just look at me, im annoying, drama queen, super sensitive, too romantic. i guess im just too much of everything. but i wish, i really wish some guy would just say, i love you and mean it but oh...
    UmbraEyes UmbraEyes
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Sep 29, 2011

    All my previous boyfriends

    and girlfriends have never worked out well it's like I was created to never be loved
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 18, 2015

    I Thought I Found The One

    I did find the one. But God needed him in heaven. Now I feel like i'll never feel the feeling i felt with him with anyone else. It just seems impossible. Its like everyone I come across never understands me. It's depressing.
    southerngurl93 southerngurl93
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

    I'm too ugly and annoying

    for somebody to love me lol
    felicitydunlap felicitydunlap
    16-17, F
    Jul 5, 2015

    "Have you ever longed

    for someone so much, so deeply that you thought you would die? That your heart would just stop beating? I am longing now, but for whom I don't know. My whole body craves to be held. I am desperate to love and be loved. I want my mind to float into another's. I want to be set...
    cherishuforever cherishuforever
    41-45, F
    Mar 21, 2014

    I Feel Like I Can Not Find Some One

    I feel some time I will never find someone to love me. And not use me . Then I get jumping in to the frying pan and wonder if it is right one that it is. I am looking for a freind. But wonder if I find some one in my life. I get unpationed . I can not deal with it. I am...
    lashanda lashanda
    51-55, F
    4 Responses Aug 25, 2008

    More Recently Than Anything Else...

    i feel as though all the things that have happened lately in my life are telling me "you expect to much" "you're not worth it" "the love you want does not exist" "you do not have a person just for you" i thought i had it, and then he...
    tanpopo tanpopo
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 25, 2008
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