I Sometimes Just Pretend Im Listening and Nod

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    There is this one woman at work that never stops yakking about nothing.  She will go on and on and on talking and talking about pointless things and even as she walks away from you she still talks away.  I have come to the point that I just nod and smile when...
    tatteredwings tatteredwings
    Jun 6, 2009

    The Non-verbal Cues

    I've noticed that for guys, they smile and nod. Women, however, are much more cunning in their uninterest; they smile in a more seemingly benign way, and pump out their chests. Teeth and ****, as it were.
    zeligocity zeligocity
    22-25, M
    10 Responses Jul 6, 2008

    Ummm..What Were You Saying?

    If I am around a person who just likes to hear themselves talk, or if I really could care less, I just tilt my head to the side, look interested, and nod occasionally. Meanwhile, my head is off in la-la land. I do this a lot when I'm at work. Its a part-time job and has...
    vinividivici21 vinividivici21
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Apr 19, 2008

    Yes, Uh-huh, Right, Sure...

    When I speak to my grandmother, I feel kinda bad but I only pretend to be listening after the first 30 minutes. She had alzihemers and it's heartbreaking but she forgets what she tells you. She can be telling you about her friend Milly but after the 30 min story it repeats...
    FolsomOrchid FolsomOrchid
    26-30, F
    Nov 16, 2008

    I'm Not a Big Talker

    So,  sometimes I don't mind if other people want to blabber away.  But, sometimes I would like to get some work done & someone comes over to talk.  I just continue to work & will nod my head ad say, "uh-huh, interesting, wow"  every now &...
    darlene darlene
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Jun 13, 2008

    Especially At Work...

    There are some people at work that are just gossips and busy bodies.  When they start talking, I just tune out.
    flowrpowr flowrpowr
    46-50, F
    Apr 5, 2008

    You Do If You Have Kids

    After four children and a husband the art of being able to pretend to listen and nod when five other people are all coming at you at one time is a life saver. The ability to do this has been the one thing that has not only saved me but those around me as well.
    Grits4life Grits4life
    46-50, F
    1 Response Aug 13, 2011

    Keep Doing It

     I try not to since i am always super obvious and there person always ask darn follow up questions. but i just will sit and stare vacantly(sometimes with my mouth open lol) and an occaasional nod and uh-huh.
    Tacit Tacit
    22-25, F
    Apr 19, 2008
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