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    Stop Politicizing Women's Healthcare As one of

    the few practicing doctors serving in Congress, I understand the real consequences ending federal funding to Planned Parenthood would have for patients.That’s why I stand with Planned Parenthood and will not vote to defund it. We need to keep politicians out of the exam room...
    padraig17325 padraig17325
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    It's not just planned parenthood that I support. There are so many groups that will educate you no matter your age and give you confidential and often free services. If I live in BC, Canada when I have kids I'll probably take them, when they're old enough, to an opt center (https...
    Knabble Knabble
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    Sep 30, 2011

    It Keeps People From Having...

    It keeps people from having unwanted children, especially if they feel they're not ready for it yet!
    jmae63 jmae63
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    Feb 19, 2009

    A True Benefit to Society; Yes to Society.

    They help out society, culture and planet from unwanted kids, and also help protect the mothers that choose to be parents, and also educate and inform.  Now if only the self-proclaimed moralists and myopic politicians would GET OUT OF THEIR WAY! 
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    I Participate

    I participate in all their online petitions and have made phone calls to the White House and Senate when they send me the Take Action Newsletters.  I have been very happy with how Obama is returning the rights of reproductive healthcare to women.  We just need to...
    NoGodsNoMasters NoGodsNoMasters
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    A Guys Story

    Most people think. P. P is just for women they can help men too. They really did me a favor when they performed. My. Vasectomy on me Iwanted and needed a vasectomy. For a long time but my insurance didn't coverit afriend told me me planned parenthood might help I called and was...
    oso01 oso01
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    I was able to get affordable birth control

    after my tubal ligation failed thanks to PP! Thank you!!
    BOJ1988 BOJ1988
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    3 Responses Feb 19, 2016

    Shame On Susan Komen Foundation

    I support Planned Parenthood. And French Ticklers...
    Lilt Lilt
    17 Responses Feb 2, 2012

    A Great Place to Work

    It was very stressful at times but I am extremely proud to have worked with this organization.  Educating the public about their reproductive health and contraceptive options was VERY rewarding!  I kind of wish that I still worked for public affairs.  I'm sure they...
    apencilfornow apencilfornow
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    If I didn't have insurance

    for my pregnancy, I would go to planned parenthood in a heart beat.
    Singlemother78 Singlemother78
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    I Asked Some Protestors A Question...

    Planned Parenthood is frequented by protestors against abortion. I am pro-choice, even though (some would be surprised--don't know why) I am an adoptive parent. One day I was walking by the protestors who let us pass on the sidewalk. They were not bothering anyone, but their...
    sterlingrose sterlingrose
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    Little Thanks

    I'm sure I should direct this to someone who can use it to help others, but for now, I'll start here. When I was 16, I had a steady boyfriend.  I was educated about sex.  AIDS and HIV were not yet publicized as a threat.  Herpes and genital warts were whispered...
    noexcuses noexcuses
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    7 Responses Dec 20, 2007

    Voices For Planned Parenthood

    I'm the president of VOX (voices for planned parenthood) UAF chapter, i support petitions and i talk to people. i get down and dirty and give information, not just at a booth sometimes in real life situations too, its satisfying. and i really enjoy it, wouldnt give it up for the...
    gunseller gunseller
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    3 Responses Jan 1, 2010

    More Than Meets the Eye

    I know that the P.P offers so much more than just abortions they proved services that help woman stay healthy and can prevent diseases, offer early detection of cancer and gives health care to those who could not other wise afford it. I used the Planned Parenthood and it was a...
    Starbuck82 Starbuck82
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    1 Response Feb 24, 2009
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