I Support Size Acceptance

So that no one big or small, tall or short is ever BULLIED or DISCRIMATED AGAINST because of SIZE 74 People

    We Are All Humans With Feelings

    I have always hated discrimination or bulling of anyone, i know it happens and have seen it and when i have seen it i say something, We all deserve to be respected as human beings no matter what size, sex, colour we all have feelings and can be hurt badly when picked on
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    On The Journey To Finding Who I Am...

    Longing for Love an acceptance from others all these years.. I realized I didn't even acccept myself. What helped me realize this was my own shawdow when I was taking a stroll in the park and saw that I walked a little funny. Well that shawdow showed me what I've been hiding from...
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    Jul 18, 2013
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