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I Support White Women Having Sex With Black Men

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    I Stand With Those Women Who Have Feelings Like Mine

    It makes me smile to know their are people out there that can see past skin color and appreciate happiness and love.Emotional and physical love.I find nothing wrong when two people find each other, their color is not of concern.
    Josie06 Josie06
    56-60, F
    3 Responses Nov 1, 2011
    selina1986 selina1986
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jan 13, 2016

    I Am A Simple Woman, And I Want A Simple Black ****.

    I AM A SIMPLE WOMAN, AND I WANT A SIMPLE BLACK ****. I'm an ordinary woman, who desires nothing more than an ordinary wish, to be loved exactly as I wish until I am completely satisfied. I have had my share of “Wham, Bam, Thank you, Ma’am”. Or moments where my mouth said...
    milf4bbcstretch milf4bbcstretch
    51-55, F
    6 Responses Jul 5, 2013

    Are Black Men More Into White Married Moms

    I remember when my mom was walking home from the Mall from shopping. My dad was at work and I was with my mom I was 14 years old at the time. But when we were walking by this house there was about 4 people by the grey car all black men in the early 20's. This guy seen my mom...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Oct 19, 2011

    Never Say Never

    She said she would never be seen with a black man. She and I went to dinner 100 miles from her home. She said that she has never kissed a black man. I kissed all over her body throughout the night. She said that black men do not eat *****. I licked her **** until she screamed...
    deleted deleted
    Jun 11, 2013

    Giveing In

    i have long ago givein myself over to being a black **** clut. my freinds have givein them selves over too. i recently had the chance to turn a pair of sisters iver to blackness and now i have the younger 18 yr old staying with me. her 20yr old sister stays with a freind of mine...
    laurielovecock laurielovecock
    2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

    I support them having sex with black men,

    when they are missing being fully satisfied in bed with their husbands or boyfriends and want to try i support them with real men who will not stop until they are fully satisfied and wanting more.. My wife just had her first bringing in the new year getting blacked she had that...
    alexiswcd alexiswcd
    56-60, T
    1 Response Jan 3, 2016


    Everyday I am amazed at how many women I see with black men. I am in the military and yesterday I drew guard duty at the gate to a major military base, checking the ID's of all people coming on to the base. If I had to guess, I would say that perhaps as many as half, if not more...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jun 20, 2012

    black men are the best

    both in bed and also very good lovers.....
    Blackboldbbc Blackboldbbc
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Oct 4, 2015

    Party Hook-Up

    My wife and. I attended party one night and brought single female friend of ours. During the evening I noticed her paying a great deal of attention to a young black man. I watched the two of them as thing's went from chatting to lot's of touching and eventually the two of them...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 21, 2013

    My Very First

    Black men are my ultimate weakness. I don't discriminate against anyone, but they are my true preference. Especially a black dude with dreads.. Holy ****, my ***** gets wet by just looking at them. The first black guy I ever had sex with had long dreads that were dyed blonde at...
    Tiffanybabygirl1986 Tiffanybabygirl1986
    26-30, F
    18 Responses Jun 11, 2012

    Thank God I Am A Cuckold!!!

    I did it! It took a while, but I got my wife to **** a black man, A unbelievably well endowed black man. She will not let me sleep with her anymore - her ***** is now gigantic and belongs to the black bull. All I am allowed to do is eat cream pie (alot of cream pie) - YUMMY. We...
    chadshaft chadshaft
    Oct 12, 2012

    White Men Should Support White Women And Black Men Getting Together

    What better way to heal the aftermath of so much pain from our country (slavery, segregation, equal rights) than to promote the acquaintance-ship, or even romance, between black men and white women of high standing? Could there not be a concerted program to bring about the...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses May 5, 2012

    It ought to be mandatory.

    Like a rite of passage.
    holloway64 holloway64
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Jul 2, 2014

    Any women who are in SoCal

    or who's willing to travel to SoCal for Safe and Clean BBC,message me :)
    Darkvoyageca Darkvoyageca
    31-35, M
    Feb 8, 2014

    I Do.

    I've had sex with black men and I've always enjoyed it. Have sex with whoever you want.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 19, 2013

    I'm A Supporter!

    There is just something to me about white women having black **** sex that is so hot to me. Especially when they are married women with the traditional white husband. I cant explain it any better then to say it feels so wrong, but it feels so right all at the same time. All I...
    4winds04 4winds04
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Mar 12, 2012

    I think I'm addicted to white,

    and Asian women. Don't get me wrong I love all women, but damn. The only problem is I don't know how to approach either. I automatically assume they are going to look at me in a negative way just because of all of the media and bullshit in the world. I'm not a thug nor a nerd I...
    guyguyguy21 guyguyguy21
    22-25, M
    May 7, 2015

    What Are The Chances!

    It started out as a silly dare. Amy was at her friend Ashley's bachelorette party and there had been a guy hired from an escort agency to perform for the girls. The drawing was for "Your Dream Black ********". The winner would be ********** by three black men at a time of her...
    slutwifeamy slutwifeamy
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Sep 26, 2011

    Full Support

    I give ALL white woman my full support and feel they should experience sex with a black man at least once in their life time if not more, a lot more. Even if they're already married. Especially if they're already married they deserve to experience full sexual satisfaction only a...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

    From The Moment I First Saw Him

    I knew from the moment I first saw him, I had to have him. He stepped out of his truck...6'2", chiseled body, clean cut, gentle ease in his walk...and then he smiled and introduced himself. I don't think he knew, did I blush? Probably. But my body heat just shot up ten degrees...
    SouthernMermaid SouthernMermaid
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Jun 19, 2013

    I Give It My Full Support

    Hell yes! I'm so much in favor that I've actually dated white women myself. I put my money where my mouth is, lol.  But the occasions on which I have dated outside of my race had nothing to do with not wanted to be with my black sisters or even curiosity about the forbidden...
    holloway64 holloway64
    46-50, M
    Nov 25, 2012

    When I was growing up my mom's favorite lovers

    where black men. I would often sneak a peak and I think that is part of the reason I grew up and got a sex change as soon as I could. Now that I am girl I love black men. White men stop when they organism and most of the black men I have been with have multiple organisms.
    Therealjason Therealjason
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Feb 4, 2015

    I support white women having sex with black

    males. I also support black women having sex with white males. I thoroughly love seeing interracial couples and those couples having kids regardless if they are married or single.
    ebonynbill ebonynbill
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Apr 15, 2014

    Attracted Or Just Curious

    I have frequently been asked, "So are you attracted to black men... or just curious?" Attracted, YES. Just curious, NO. On physical appeal, nothing is sexier to me than the gorgeous, vibrant color, the sensuous contrast of light skin against dark, the erotic power of dark deeply...
    karynkn1 karynkn1
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Dec 13, 2011

    Black Men Are Super Sexy

    I just love a black man's skin next to mine I think it is sooooo sexy! I get super turned on by their hands all over my body as I watch as well as watching my hands all over his body. the mixture of skin color is erotic and brings me to a deep climax when I squirt. I have only...
    ab33024 ab33024
    4 Responses Oct 21, 2011

    I wish my ex would have had the BBC experience

    that her body was built for ;)
    CallmeJenny CallmeJenny
    4 Responses Jan 30, 2016

    so now that the experience project has gone all

    pre-school, where do all of us GROW-UPS go to share our REAL WORLD experiences with other GROWN-UPS without the KJB censoring??? do please tell.
    marcovittoro marcovittoro
    31-35, M
    Mar 24, 2014

    I am a married white female

    and mom. I am involved in an interracial relationship, I am pregnant by my black boyfriend. This is not my first pregnancy from black men. I fully support white women dating, marrying, and having sex with black men. I love seeing black men and white women together. It is...
    momwithtwinsagain momwithtwinsagain
    41-45, F
    May 31, 2015

    All White Men And Women Should Allow It

    I'm a white women who thinks all white people men and women should allow a black man to **** them. Not make love not date but bendover and **** them. A white women should b made to suck lick swallow and take a big black **** when asked. We ow it to black men to let them have us...
    hunter1927 hunter1927
    18-21, F
    8 Responses Jul 8, 2013

    I Encourage All White Woman

    I really hope all white woman and girls try having sex with a black stud at least once. I'm sure many would never be satisfied by a white guy ever again. White girls deserve to be completely satisfied sexually and black men are willing and able to do this better then most white...
    deleted deleted
    Oct 14, 2012

    As a mixed male I think it is important to

    experience sex with another race. Nothing is better than experiencing what another race has to offer in sex. You tend to learn new tricks and things that turn your partner on
    gradytt gradytt
    22-25, M
    May 15, 2014

    White Couples Ought To Be Open To Being "black Owned"

    I think that white couples ought to be open to being "black owned." It's the very least we can do to help counter all the hundreds of years of atrocities that have been committed against black people. If white men would just see it as their duty to let black men impregnate...
    deleted deleted
    9 Responses Mar 11, 2012

    My Friend

    I met a beautiful girl named Eva 3 months ago. She was petite, small brunette, and I fell in love with it immediately. But it's a catch. She loved the big black men.Early in the beginning she admitted it to me. It did me no secret. Rather the opposite.I had no choice. I had to...
    bertold1 bertold1
    26-30, M
    1 Response Oct 31, 2011

    I think all girls should lose their virginity

    to black men by the age of 16.
    Therealjason Therealjason
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Mar 9, 2015

    My Mother-in-law Becomes A Black **** ****

    My previous story documented how I came to **** my hot mother-in-law. Eleanor is a beautiful 65 year old classy elegant woman who looks 15-20 years younger. We **** quite often and she's become increasingly adventurous in bed. My goal is to turn her into a real **** and have her...
    ecc55 ecc55
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jan 7, 2013

    I Am Shared With Black Men

    Hi, We go to this bar and tease men all night. the owner plays with my **** every time my husband goes to the bathroom. the end of night he asks if its ok with husband to help cash up. he always says yes and stays at closed bar thinking about me. When i go in back he always has...
    marriedhotnsexy marriedhotnsexy
    22-25, F
    24 Responses Sep 13, 2011

    Rough Interracial

    I would like to watch a black man ******* a white girl really rough,as if he wants to take out all his anger frustration and hate for the white man out on her making her pay for centuries of crimes of her race as a forced scapegoat, almost as if he is raping her, only with mutual...
    herbie001 herbie001
    36-40, M
    1 Response Jun 18, 2013

    Typical Night At The Club

    I was at the club dancing and drinking when I met her. She came right up this beautiful curvy blonde with big old ******* I could tell she had a little bit to drink but she wasn’t shy so it was all good. She was grinding into my **** with her nice full *** and my **** got swole...
    deleted deleted
    Sep 14, 2013

    I consider that females have an entitlement to

    have sexual liaisons with whomever and whenever they chose. It is "all about you" ladies whatever floats your boat do it well and do it often x
    Collomick Collomick
    36-40, M
    1 Response Dec 17, 2015

    so what's the big deal anyway?

    Aren't people just...people, regardless of color?
    maleslaveShilo maleslaveShilo
    61-65, M
    Mar 31, 2014

    Which One?

    Which white female actress or celebrity would you think would look absolutely sexy with a black guy, or who would you like to see date a black man? Of course, I believe all white female celebrities would look good with a black guy, but if I had to choose one, I would say Kristen...
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses May 15, 2012

    First Experience

    (Shared this in another group a little while back, but thought I'd post it in a couple others so more people could enjoy.) Been dying to share this with someone...This just happened last week, so enjoy. A little background on us. Angie and I have been together for a little over...
    mikeynike mikeynike
    22-25, M
    3 Responses Oct 5, 2012

    New To The Hood

    My name is Jason and something has happened in my life recently that I have to write about. Let me tell you about my situation. I am a 32 year old white male, who is married to a very sexy woman, named Amy, who is 26 years old. Amy is easily the most attractive woman I've ever...
    slutwifeamy slutwifeamy
    26-30, F
    6 Responses Feb 19, 2012

    I definitely and thoroughly support any

    and all white women having sex with black men. I have family members dating and have married black men and women into my family. My sisters and sisters in law have had black babies. Two of my daughters are now dating black men and they are pregnant as well by their lovers...
    momonbeach momonbeach
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Apr 13, 2014
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