I Surprise Myself With My Emotions At Times

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    To Both Extremes

    I know that our hormones affect the way that we deal with emotion but I never realized to what extent. About three months after starting HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) I started to notice that I was reacting differently to things.I found that things that used to make me mad...
    lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
    41-45, T
    Sep 6, 2013


    Sometimes, things do kind of weigh on me, you know the trouble the children I work with, and for, who have such trouble fitting into our world, their world is so different! My fears for them get a little too intense. I cry. There isn't much charity of spirit in the world these...
    aoutdouze aoutdouze
    22-25, F
    Oct 11, 2013

    A Crush

    I have this crush on a guy across the street. I have and never will do anything about it and never even told anyone except my freind. It just surprises me that I am old and can still have a crush.
    azurebites azurebites
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Nov 15, 2009

    Too Emotional?

    I sometimes wonder if I get a little too emotional about certain subjects. Subjects like religious intolerance. Or intolerance of any kind. But I don't really think so. People have to get emotional about this subject, mainly because so much hangs in the balance. People are...
    IanMatthew IanMatthew
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Nov 23, 2010

    If I Feel - I'm Alive

    When I was growing up I used to keep a lid on my emotions. I never let them run around, show up unexpected to ruin the party and such. Sometimes it was helpful, but sometimes it was in the way of normal interaction with people. You could never tell how I felt or what was on my...
    SunnySmile SunnySmile
    31-35, F
    Nov 30, 2010


    This is not right but I am resentful of this lady that I have been working with on a project. She has a beautiful house, 2.5 kids, she doesn't have an outside job and her husband is very good looking and provides well for his family. She has a tiny waist and no one would ever...
    azurebites azurebites
    51-55, F
    Nov 15, 2009

    When I Broke My Wrist

    i broke my wrist about 3 years ago and when the doc told me i went into shock but said i was a rare case that i diddent cry i laughed.i broke my wrist and founf it histerical
    anotheryou anotheryou
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 4, 2011
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