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    I was a baby my parents held me in the water. i don't remember when I learned to swim. I do remember once almost drowning. But I still swam all the time. I've gotten into some pretty bad situations in the ocean but I still love the ocean. I think I always will. Our cultures...
    NotApplicable NotApplicable
    22-25, F
    Dec 3, 2011


    When I was in middle school, my family lived in an apartment complex that had a pool.  In theory kids were not supposed to swim alone, but the managers knew me, and knew I was safe in the water.  That summer I was in the pool so much I nearly grew gills! When I moved...
    Geode Geode
    31-35, F
    Jul 6, 2009

    Swimming Lessons

    I grew up on a lake and part of my summers was spent helping with swimming lessons for younger children. I loved those times.
    greggs greggs
    46-50, M
    1 Response Feb 17, 2012


    I'm part of USA Swimming. I really enjoy competitive swimming even though doing so means I dont have time for anything but nessacary things (school, eat, sleep). I practice all the time, and while I don't have my eyes set on the Olympics (I want to be a doctor), I want to be at...
    swimmerzo swimmerzo
    13-15, F
    Jul 10, 2012

    I Do

    I swim, not as much as I'd like to because I only like to swim alone, because I don't like being in a swim suit in front of other people. I feel way too fat and embarrassed so I don't do as much swimming as I would like to do, Plus we don't have a pool anymore either.
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    Mar 5, 2013

    A Good Alternative

    After being a competitive gymnast for years, my wrists were full of problems. I have had steroid injections once every couple months into the joint for a long time. I can't lift heavy things, and so I can't lift weights. Swimming is a great alternative to other forms of exercise...
    breakingbenjamin67 breakingbenjamin67
    18-21, F
    Nov 13, 2007

    I Do

    I've been swimming for as long as I can remember, it's one of my favorite things to do. When you swim you can do so many things that you can't do on land, well for me at least. It's like this zero gravity space that you enter and you can just float there, or do flips, or whatever...
    rajiv123 rajiv123
    22-25, M
    Feb 1, 2011

    This Would Be My Favorite Sport

    And when i say I swim I mean I swim:) i dont just wade around the pool I know most of the storkes,back stroke freestyle etc I really love doing this,and ill probably get back into it this summer:)
    18-21, F
    Feb 17, 2012

    All of My Life

     My mother was a swim instructor so when I was born she had me in the pool as soon as the umbilical cord came off.  I am a water child, even my star sign is water.  I could swim the length of a pool before I could walk and have always felt comfortable in water...
    MistressJade MistressJade
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    3 Responses Mar 14, 2009


    My apartment complex has a pool, and I try to spend 2-3 hours in it every day it's open.  I seem to think best while in motion, and the sensaiton of water is very soothing to me.  In fact, I'm writing this now just to kill time before it opens for the day! This is...
    MossAgate MossAgate
    31-35, F
    Jul 13, 2010

    Pool Rat

     I started when I was eight, well actually I've been swimming my whole life but I didn't fall in love with it until I was eight... no, that's not quite right either. Well, I guess IT started when I was seven. Anyway when I was seven I contracted Gillian Barre Syndrome (there...
    basilintheherbgardendiscovers basilintheherbgardendiscovers
    13-15, F
    Aug 7, 2009
    kamal0 kamal0
    26-30, M
    Jul 18, 2015

    What a 180

     I started swimming 3.5 years ago when I was 14 and I couldn't even do a 25! This year I swam in metros (best in the county competition) and it feels AMAZING! I had to work really hard and I swam with the 5-8 year olds for a few months but it really paid off. Now swimming is...
    lexasgreen lexasgreen
    18-21, F
    Aug 28, 2009

    I Do Love Swimming Now ...

    I started swimming to get fit. I swam already but decided to get lessons to improve. The first time I had a lesson I ended up in casualty, I'd pulled muscles as I was so unfit but I thought I was having a heart attack!!! It was all OK. I now swim twice a week and my waist...
    pjlondon pjlondon
    46-50, M
    Sep 20, 2010

    Armchair Swimming

     I got fed up swimming lengths. bit monotonous. Swimming is supposed to be fun. So I strapped on a float. and with my head just above the water started armchair swimming. That is, do the breast stroke with my arms and kick like a bicycle with my legs.  Great fun! ...
    kingedwardthelast kingedwardthelast
    1 Response Sep 7, 2009

    Want to Have a Swimming Pool

    I love to swim and be in the water. I want a swimming pool. Perhaps one day, when me and my boyfriend move in together. When we do, I will have to move because where I live really is not practical as it is too far away from things. I will just rent my house out to the tourists...
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    1 Response Sep 21, 2009
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