I Think A Big Shot Is A Little Shot That Kept Shooting

Dedicated to all of those persons that have finally made it by striving and working hard and never giving up! 3 People

    What Does My Group Title Mean

    I study people, especially people that have made it successful in my opinion.  I have noticed that most of the people I admire most in life are those people that have had much adversity in their life only to keep pushing through to succeed so therefore I think that big shots...
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    I hated it when my ex motherinlaw used to call me big shot. She hated my long hair and told everyone I was a musician with no instrument. Seriously.
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    May 14, 2011

    It Sounds Kinda Dirty But..

    I take it as someone who thinks their all that and has to keep proving it over and over because they can't truly impress!
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