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I Think a Good Fuck Would Make Me Feel Better

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    My Rules For a Good One

    The total cure for what ails me right now. Magic movement, good through the ages, in any weather, any time. A good **** is my medicine. I think to be good it must, Be from the soul Be mutually satisfying- can't be an act of greed Generate noise and tension...
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Nov 8, 2008

    Apparently Sex Is the Antidote

    I've read so many things over the years that sex can cure all kinds of ailments, the common cold, cramps, headaches and depression. Well, I wonder? Hummm? I can feel fine then 'WHAM!' More so at some times than others but I'll get so tense and stressed, have migraines, my...
    Josie06 Josie06
    56-60, F
    Sep 26, 2008

    Oh, I Do!

    I need something that can give me an excuse to claw at someone, bite their shoulder, scream at the top of my lungs. and what better way than a hard ****???
    deleted deleted
    Mar 21, 2008


    I think a good **** would help me work out some demons. HAHAHA. I love that logo from season 6. I don't think the house-shattering-Spike-sex helped Buffy much in the way of feeling better, but it ultimately helped her put things into perspective and get her shiz together. Which...
    mmmcookies mmmcookies
    Sep 11, 2008

    It Always Does

    I feel good, feel loved, feel relieved. It has to be good tho, or I just get more frustrated and even angry
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 18, 2008

    Especially since my brand spanking new g/f is

    50 miles away. We really need a good, hard *******...
    Pauly1904 Pauly1904
    46-50, M
    Jan 27, 2016

    Just the Ticket

    lately i have been so stressed and im sure a good **** would really help. i mean a really good ****. it has be with someone who knows me and exactly what i like, someone i can really have fun with. it has to random, totally out of the blue. it has to wild. when i say wild i mean...
    netgurl netgurl
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 2, 2009

    It Always Does

    It's only been since Sunday, but it seems like such a long time. I only get to see my girlfriend every other weekend and other than that I'm alone. Sometimes I feel lonely and needed. I love the emotional bond that you get from having sex with someone you love and how you feel...
    SoMuchToSay SoMuchToSay
    36-40, M
    3 Responses May 9, 2008

    On heat

    I visited Germany a couple of times and spend most of that time in hotels with a Cantonese girl I knew. One hotel in Frankfurt was particularly nice and had a gym on the top floor where we were able to be naked in the saunas. More than once, we threw on robes and caught the lift...
    TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
    46-50, M
    Feb 22, 2011

    This Seems As Good A Place As Any To Post This

    I love the raw, unadulterated, uncompromising lust in this ;-) 
    mizzen123 mizzen123
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Feb 26, 2011

    Make Up Sex

    Whenever I am angry or upset sex makes me feel better, I want and need more of it all the time...MMM...It feels so good...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 9, 2008

    I'm Only Saying

    Well, golly!  This is another category that doesn't fit well into my tome of EP stories.  I come here to be a good, well-balanced, common-sense guy -- a gentleman -- albeit with my moments of insane wit.  I'm the guy who tries to keep a good head on his shoulders...
    UnderEli UnderEli
    46-50, M
    1 Response Aug 31, 2010

    Doesn't It Make Everybody Feel Better

    Something about raw sex makes you feel better.  I love to make love to the woman I love.  But having sex with her is an experience that is mind and body blowing.  It always makes me feel better.  I'm on top of the world after I have been with her.
    KingofSwords KingofSwords
    56-60, M
    1 Response Dec 26, 2011

    A Nice, Relaxing ****....

    I have been without for a little while now, longest dry spell in my life, actually. I need a good ****!
    chillsdavis chillsdavis
    56-60, M
    Aug 19, 2011

    A Random Encounter (fiction)

    I wont say how, when or where we met, just that by chance we did. We both knew what we wanted, so we wasted ho time in getting to the point.  I had picked her up at the airport and wasted no time in taking her to my place. Once there, I immediately began taking her clothes...
    herandeye herandeye
    41-45, M
    5 Responses Jan 16, 2008

    I Can Forget All the Bullshit.

    When I'm gettin laid, it's almost impossible to think of anything else (at least while it's happening).  It's like a great escape from reality.  If only I was the energizer bunny, I'd never have to deal with reality!
    herandeye herandeye
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jan 14, 2008

    It Sure Would Take The Edge Off

    I met with my lover exactly ten days ago and he pushed the tip in but I made him stop because he wouldnt wear a condom. Bastard. It was so hard to stop especially since its been years since I had a good **** and now Im pissed and want it even more. Grrrrr. Kill me. LOL
    DaisyAdair DaisyAdair
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Oct 18, 2012

    A Resounding Me Too!

    Almost every group I join on EP makes me quibble with myself.(Other than the 'I'm in several different moods right now' and 'I prevaricate' groups, obviously).If I say 'I hate' something I can often find one modicum of extenuating evidence to save it from eternal damnation.  If...
    CrookedMan CrookedMan
    1 Response Nov 22, 2011

    Understatement ...

    Yes, indeed ... I think it would just round the day off nicely ...
    womaninbliss womaninbliss
    51-55, F
    19 Responses Apr 29, 2011

    Yes It Would

    It take more than one ****, it would take many, many times, to make me feel "GOOD"
    deleted deleted
    Jan 21, 2010

    This Is Resonating With Me This Morning

    After so many years, I need the recharge that can only *** from sex.
    JRSK007 JRSK007
    51-55, M
    Nov 23, 2008

    It Couldn't Do Me Any Harm

    ******* is a great way to relieve stress, and it's just fun anyway. A bit like football (soccer).
    cyberkitty cyberkitty
    Jan 8, 2009

    A Rough Week ...

    i know my desire to be taken by a man is with me constantly. Sometimes the slightest little thing will get me sooooo horny. This week has been an extra horny week. My "want" was well over the top. i've been out an about quite a bit and seeing lots of men. All shapes...
    Josie06 Josie06
    56-60, F
    6 Responses Jan 8, 2009

    It Would.

    yes please!  this would help. a lot. i dont care what anyone says. if you're stressed. a really great mind blowing session would help. it would do more then help ; ) so this week was a complete mess. i cant really think of anything else that would work as well! 
    gypsysoul gypsysoul
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Jan 10, 2009

    Whats That?

    WHATS FUCKKKKKKKKKKING?! fuuuckkking. foughking. ****... thats got a good ring to it. ***** **** ******* annihilations.... O,O my poor virgin eyes! why would i do this to myself?
    Doxtah Doxtah
    26-30, M
    1 Response Apr 15, 2011


    Has someone been reading my mind? I think we all need a good **** once in a while. It is great to have a reason to dig your nails into someone's back (or backside) and scream out in pleasure as you get ******. I love being ****** so roughly that I cant control my moans and...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 11, 2008

    Take Me Now

    Pin me against the wall. Your tongue ******* my mouth, nibbling my lip, leaving me breathless as move to my neck. I want you so much. Trace my nipples with you tongue. A little nip and I am moaning. Both of our hands pulling at clothes. I need you. My hand pumping your...
    wetsalot wetsalot
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Jun 10, 2013

    Knows What Purpleriz Needs

    hehe   Hmm's's hard...and it goes *vooooommmmm*   *she laughs so hard she falls off her purple pillow*
    girlflower girlflower
    41-45, F
    6 Responses Apr 10, 2009

    Always An Good Idea

    It doesn't matter what kind of day you're having. A good **** is always good physically and emotionally.
    dickmussell dickmussell
    31-35, M
    Jun 1, 2009

    Friendly Lover For Great *******.

    The person I seek has to be in the same situation as me: married not interested in leaving the marriage really missing the joys of sex due to a lack of sex interest on the part of their spouse. They have to have a friendly personality They have to really love sex. james...
    JRSK007 JRSK007
    51-55, M
    3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

    "I Think a Good **** Would Make Me Feel Better"

      I really do think I could use a good session. It has been over 2 years. I think I am ready....   Be a great stress reliever... Where oh where could she be...
    cjpsf5 cjpsf5
    41-45, M
    4 Responses Apr 17, 2009

    Tonights the Night

    My hubby is coming home and I am anticipating, hoping, yearning for a gooood long, seeing to! I may be a tad quiet on EP over the next day or so but our house will be rockin! Gosh i am getting moist just thinking about that this am-gots some primping to do girls...
    satinlion satinlion
    31-35, F
    1 Response Dec 8, 2007

    I Want One Too!

    I want lots of good hot sex!  I want the kind that goes on for hours and hours...The kind that makes you might not have eaten...(food) for 24 hours...To have a day of love making would be so amazing...It's something I've always longed for and never gotten. ...
    tks tks
    36-40, F
    30 Responses Apr 20, 2009

    It Might Be the End of Me!

    a good **** may be just what i need but after so long without,it might just kill me! guess i could go out with a bang literally! lol!!
    jerrica jerrica
    51-55, F
    18 Responses Jul 25, 2008

    **** That's Just What I Needed

    About a week ago I went to visit my boyfriend where he lives.  We're in a long distance relationship and it has been about 3 months since we last saw each other.  My parents were along for the ride this time. They wanted to see where he lived, and make sure I wasn't...
    foxylady345 foxylady345
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jun 24, 2010

    A Good Hard ****

    Would solve everything!Well it wouldn't actually solve anything. It's just when you're shaking and smiling through the afterglow, wobbling your way to the bathroom you just don't give a damn if you have money in the bank or food in the cupboard.I swear i'm a succubus and could...
    Bleed Bleed
    31-35, F
    12 Responses Jul 1, 2011

    It Is An Everyday Thing

    It always makes me feel better.  If I could just get my daily **** on a schedule, and something I could count on, I know I would be so much happier.  The fact of waiting or not knowing when or where....makes me feel anxious and annoyed.  Nothing fixes a bad day...
    RedheadJolene RedheadJolene
    41-45, F
    6 Responses Oct 26, 2008

    I Dunno...

    I wouldn't know... I'm an old virgin by most standards. I remember reading it reduces stress and can make you feel happier, so why not? The problem would of course be to find someone willing. I can't even find people who wanna date me, or hold hands or kiss me, let alone...
    drcynic drcynic
    26-30, M
    5 Responses Dec 25, 2007
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