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    Of Course I Do, I Am Human ...

    Of course I do, I am human with feelings like everybody else. I can be bought to tears with the injustice in this world. I wish I had a magic wand sometimes to make things better, especially when it involves children and suffering.
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    Jan 20, 2009

    If there is a god Then I think they made

    LGBPetc and infertile people For them to adopt all of the unwanted children because they can't have children of their own But in the cycle of the universe I think it might be a reaction to our abundance and imbalance So LGBPetc and sterile people are just population control...
    OBuddyOpal OBuddyOpal
    16-17, F
    Feb 4, 2015

    I Can't Sleep Sometimes

    Because I'm thinking about the state of the world. I'm scared. Mortified that we will bring about our own extinction. -The environment is getting flushed down the toilet. -Bush is actively increasing the threat of a nuclear war (with China, NK, Iran, Russia) via upgrading...
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    4 Responses Dec 12, 2007

    The World Around Me

    i do think about the world from time to time. I wonder if there will ever be anymore great people to cure the sickness this world has been inflicted upon. i wonder If i myself have contributed to making it sicker. I wonder what we can do or is it just to...
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    1 Response Sep 5, 2009

    I Think About How Things Ar...

    I think about how things are going and what direction they are going in.  I hope that I  can change it in some small way.
    evilkittymew evilkittymew
    41-45, F
    Jan 20, 2009


    I tend to lose my self in thought thinking about the world and i am always left speechless theres so many imperfections we cause to this wonderful home we have , i love the world we live in and i tend not to lose it , its the only home i have . ive traveled a lot and seen and...
    AnaRosa AnaRosa
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Aug 25, 2008

    Isn't it ****** up how we *****

    and complain about not having **** when some people have absolutely nothing?
    Heyababe Heyababe
    18-21, F
    Nov 19, 2014


    I wish the world was equal and different at the same time Equal in the respect to other and different in the peculiarity of each one   I wish there were more paths to be choose And not absolute and unquestionable rules and truths That each one is conscious of his acts...
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    6 Responses Sep 4, 2009
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