I Think All Wildlife Is Endangered

How can we stop the degradation of habitat? 110 People

    Thanks To Who?

    The Human race of course. Everything they do leads to destruction.
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    Sep 15, 2013

    My "fear"

    I believe we are ALL  endangered .  My story is short....   Bones upon the ground:  Animals and Man alike: Death has come to stay.....
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    The Scourge Of Mankind

    There are too many people. The animal kingdom is squeezed into a smaller and smaller place. It is so truly sad we can't keep areas of the habitable planet empty of humans for them. Bigger areas!
    aoutdouze aoutdouze
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    If Mankind Died

    If mankind died out the world would be such a better place,the worse thing to happen to the world is that we evolved into such an  evil greed society. We such stop cutting down trees ripping up green spaces and limit children per family we need to cut down on our...
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    Mans Greed

    Yes the wild life of this world is endangered due to the greed man shows, they don`t see the big picture just the money to be made from something, so they destroy forests and jungles and animals for profit and the animals are left to suffer and die, what will the world be like...
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