I Think Every Man Should Wear a Kilt

Every man should find their inner Sean Connery and wear a kilt, it's not a dress. 194 People

    Kilted Misdemeanours

    Every man should wear a kilt,but not always! Three misdemeanours to report in a very short time! Firstly, Richard Branson poses in a Virgin red fashion kilt and black boots when launching his new UK domestic airline "Little Red"- a bit of a sight- but at least he wore the kilt...
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    Apr 26, 2013

    A kilt is an expensive item.

    It's a shame that you never get the wear out of them. It's not real value for money if you don't wear it more than once or twice a year, I wore one for our 25th and 40th anniversary. No problem as we were in Gretna Green for them. Burns night is another occasion obviously...
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    CHRISTMAS Offer Custom Made Kilts kiltailor.

    myshopify.com can provide special weave tartans, not usually available to the market. They are woven in 11oZ Light Weight 13oZ 15oZ heavy weight, or even silk fabric. If you wish to have a kilt made of one of any tartans please contact us directly.
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    Heck Yeah!

    I'm Scots-Irish, my husband is Scottish.. we had a Scottish/Celtic wedding and all the men wore kilts, it was freakin fantastic! Kilts are awesome.
    LC87 LC87
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    Why Wear The Kilt.

    My experiences show that women love a man in the kilt.  One woman at a dance on New Years Eve came right through the hall and demanded a dance. She grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor. The next thing was that she was moaning that the sporan got in the way. She...
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    I Own Two Kilts

    I have two kilts and both of them are black one is a heavy twill more like canvas and the other is shiny black vinyl. Both of them have cargo pockets but the canvas one is a more traditional cut which sits right at my waist and falls just above my knee. While neither of them...
    PupJoJo PupJoJo
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    May 12, 2011

    I love kilts but just cant afford to buy one

    and I have scots blood and a family tartan I would be proud to wear but they are over 100 pound where I live . I wish I could find some where that could supply me with one alot cheaper .
    nakednudist nakednudist
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    who cares if you're Scottish

    or not, Canadian or not, just be man enough to wear mens clothes, kilts ARE men's clothes and you don't need an excuse to wear your own clothes bought with your own money
    Richard161 Richard161
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    I recently went to the Bute highland games the small ferry was crowded nearly every man and boy and some girls too were wearing the kilt  ! it was the same in ROTHESAYwhich is just a small town it was a sea of tartan! it felt strange to be in a majority raher than the...
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    I wear a kilt every day.

    I just love wearing the Kilt.I am starting this as a new thread so folks cannot say I am wandering off my subject.My experience is what is going on at the moment. Some folks may think I have a strange attitude. My father would have said its your mothers Irish Blood in you. He...
    kiltiekid kiltiekid
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    is not about race,Creed,

    just be man enough to wear mens clothing and women need to catch up on being very sexist to us, at it seems they don't like sexism, either, DO THEY?
    Richard161 Richard161
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    One Night of Fun Fashion Choice Forever

    it started out as a fantys to have my wife sexy woman to find out whats under my kilt she made one for me it felt so comterful i asked to make another one now i have 2 wear them a lot but not in public yet
    notech64 notech64
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    Midsummer Madness-kilted Inthe Snow

    There was a great action picture on the front page of the Times on 22 June showing two kilted skiers (they were wearing black watch tartan) skiing on Scotland's Nevis mountain range on midsummer's day! Distinctly wintry-and the forecast is not encouraging either. You have to...
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    Enjoy the Experiance

    As someone else said every man should at least try wearing the kilt sometime in his life. I was put into the kilt as a boy and heve continued to wear it ever since. Not all the time like I did when I was young but as often as I can. I hate it though when people get all hung...
    kilterjohnnie kilterjohnnie
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    My First Kilt

    I bought a kilt a few years back.  At first, I was a bit reluctant, but I have to be honest; after wearing it for all of two minutes, I was convinced that a good kilt is an article of clothing that EVERY man should have in his wardrobe!  I will wear mine out in public on...
    popescottxxiv popescottxxiv
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    At Least Once

    I love men in kilts.  I think they are so sexy and my mind always wanders to thinking about what they may or may not have on under that kilt.  I get so hot just thinking about it.  In my mind kilts are very manly and sexy, not to mention the lung power it takes to...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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    i dont have any but i have a lots of skirts
    azcd azcd
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    Swish Those Kilts, Men!

    And remember, real men don't wear anything underneath their kilts!
    SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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    Am a Mexican man, I have no Scotch ancestor at

    all (as far I know), when I was a kid I remember to ask to my mom to make me a costume of a Scotchman, of course that never happend, she thought it was weird that a small kid ask for a "skirt" as costume, anyway, my wish of owning a kilt never flew away, it always was kept...
    L0yd L0yd
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    Dec 26, 2013

    Real Men Wear Kilts

    I'd love to buy the kilt of my ancestors.  I want to wear it to a meeting at work one day and, if they protest, claim cultural discrimination and see how they handle it.
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    3 Responses Apr 8, 2009

    Kilts For Everybody! Come On!

    I feel that every man should at least try on a kilt once in their life. It is soooo nice to look at . Hairy man legs and kilt. No need to wear a shirt either but it's voluntary :)  Why should everyone wear only pants? As a woman I use both skirts and pants. Why not...
    freelilly freelilly
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    Kilts Are Sexy!

    I love when I see a man in a kilt. I've seen so many different races/ethnicities wearing Irish/Scottish kilts looks sexy on all the men. So many cultures have "men in skirts" lol not just kilts but I like kilts a lot. I own a kilt too.
    GoldMishra GoldMishra
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    2 Responses Jul 8, 2012
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