I Think Firemen Are Heroes

Firemen are Heroes, Arsonists are Villains. 32 People

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    Not only did Alameda firefighters and police stand around, watch and do nothing as a suicidal man, Raymond Zack, spent an hour in the San Francisco Bay, neck deep in water, they didn’t even go into the water to retrieve his lifeless body after he died. They left that work to...
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    Jun 4, 2011

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    As those who have read my stories already know I have dated my way through many of the men that wear uniforms to work each day; Marines, Army, Navy, Air force, Policemen, Paramedics, and Firemen - I have dated them all.  I have always wondered why I have been...
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    We Owe So Much To Our Fire Service.

    I can't believe there are no other stories in this group!!! I love firemen!! It's not the fact that they are so strong and manly or the uniform that keeps me interested (ok so maybe I lied a tiny bit!) Firemen are heroes. If your house catches fire, you stand to loose everything...
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    I just got back from volunteering to help the

    school take a class of four year olds on a trip to our local fire station ( I am extremely educationally minded and my motivation had nothing to do with eying up the gorgeous hunks in blue.... honest!) Well I had a fantastic time, the firemen were lovely (and had huge strong...
    RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
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