I Think I Am Old Enough to Decide How I Live My Own Life

Its my life, if I want to mess it up, than so be it! 135 People

    It's My Life

    It took a long time for me to finally realize that the only person that I need to impress is ME!.  Over the years, I have had others telling me how to act, how to dress, how to have a relationship but not any more.  I think I've earned the right to say...
    Michellewhois Michellewhois
    2 Responses Aug 9, 2009

    19, Infertile and Misunderstood

    i agree with this topic. i have waited till 18 to be with a guy. even a month after i turned 18. trying to make a baby with him over a year and it seems no one cares if i ever get pregnant but it's ok if a 16 year old girl is a mother or a 17 year old high school girl gets...
    rashadaalia rashadaalia
    18-21, F
    Jun 26, 2009

    I Don't Need to Be Guided Or Scolded Anymore

    I screw up, but  I alone choose my path and who I am. If you care about me, this is what I ask you to respect. It's a pretty simple request, I should imagine.
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
    31-35, F
    11 Responses Jul 5, 2009
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