I Think Im Stupid

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    So there is this guy,

    who I was talking to and I really liked. But things didn't work out so I ended up going out with his friend which was totally unplanned and I did not even find attractive at first. When things went down the drain with guy #1 guy #2 (my ex) was there for me and always texted me...
    coraimaal coraimaal
    22-25, F
    May 15, 2015

    My mind stuck. stopped.

    I hate to myself too much. becaus im too stupid..
    Natureismagic Natureismagic
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Sep 11, 2015

    I say things without knowing

    or meaning it Like literally I'll just be like U ***** That person will freak out Then I'll freak and be like OMG what's wrong?!? They will tell me that I called then a ***** And I'll just be like nah why would I say that Idk I have a goldfish brain I forget whatever u tell...
    MyaA13 MyaA13
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jan 7, 2015

    Before I always hide my feelings

    and now I'm not it's weird all my life I always hide them maybe EP helped me somehow idk... I feel stupid
    soullessnight000 soullessnight000
    13-15, F
    1 Response Dec 11, 2015

    I'm so stupid lol,so I was doing a quiz.

    . Person:what's the country that's North of America and they talk like Americans too? Me: umm North America? ..it was Canada Rachel !!,******* Canada like Jesus Christ "North America" ..how can I be so dumb haha ..(I suck at geography)
    Rachel282 Rachel282
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 21, 2015

    Why the heck did I just realize

    that I don't care about what "gender" I date. I think I'd like to date the same sex but if not then I'm fine with that too. Goodness I like "everyone" for a reason. I always have. I don't want to limit myself, that's not fair to anybody else. I feel like I just unintentionally...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 22, 2016

    damn I'm a terrible person,

    gotta learn to keep my mouth shut :(
    izzyyxo izzyyxo
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Sep 12, 2015

    I just did my /THIRD/ driver's test today

    (Class 7) and I failed again... I'm such a ******* idiot. See, my family talks about how stupid I an too so they're pretty disappointed. And I'm not even smart at school... I'm like a C student. The only time I actually get 85's to high 90's is when it's something I love like...
    astrid18 astrid18
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 28, 2014

    I Literally just got in the shower with my

    pants on... And it took me 5 minutes to realize it... Wtf is wrong with me today? Hahaha
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 19, 2014
    Baphomett Baphomett
    31-35, M
    Dec 21, 2015

    I just think I'm not really intelligent.

    In college I'm doing horribly in my chemistry class, I don't understand anything. It really brings down my self esteem when I don't understand the topic and get low grades in the class. Also, it seems like i can't retain things. I have to constantly keep repeating them over and...
    blooop123 blooop123
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 25, 2015
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