I Think It's Interesting That Some People Aren't Ticklish

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    Not Ticklish

    People have tried tickling me and they don't get any reaction from my part.  I love the fact that I am not ticklish.
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    1 Response Aug 25, 2010


    I don't mean to whine, but I find people not ticklish rather frustrating - my wife isn't ticklish, although she fullfills my love of being tickled - not being able to be a tickler is frustrating, unable to watch my wife squirm and giggle at soft  touches.
    ticklishmale ticklishmale
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Jan 1, 2009

    I Want To Fine Your Soft Spot

    some ppl are not Ticklish in the foot or armpit say there not Ticklish then i test him under the leg N he feel it He said wow I didnt know I was Ticklish
    orangeshe orangeshe
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

    Had A Friend Who Wasn'T...At All

    Her name was Jill, she was a neighbor of mine and she was seven years old when I was six. She'd come over to my house to play every now and then. She used to tickle me a lot, and once we were playing and she had me on the ground and was tickling me. Through laughter I said, "I'll...
    lauren71 lauren71
    41-45, F
    1 Response Mar 18, 2013

    I Am Not

    I am not ticklish o.oweirdness.I just don't really like being touched in certain areas. Like if someone randomly grabs my stomach I will freak out O_oOf if someone touches my leg I might scream.
    CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
    4 Responses Feb 16, 2011

    A Ticklish Situation ...

    I am extremely ticklish ... but I can switch off.  If someone is determined to tickle me and I give into it, I can get hysterical.  But I also have the ability to turn off my reaction and you can tickle me as much as you like and it will have no effect.   This...
    womaninbliss womaninbliss
    51-55, F
    7 Responses Mar 5, 2010

    People Who Are Not Ticklish Can Be Dangerous To Those Who Are

    You non-ticklish people can be DANGEROUS! I've been horribly ticklish since a baby and its so bad I have wet myself, orgasmed, passed out and even gone into seizures when I was held down and tickled too long. I would rather be tickled by a ticklish person because they...
    kulshady kulshady
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Sep 3, 2011

    Not Ticklish

    I remember watching kids in school being tickled and thinking it was strange how they writhed and laughed from a light touch on their bodies.  One day in 7th grade I was trying to hold onto something of mine and a classmate wanted it so he was pulling to obtain it.  He...
    agg agg
    8 Responses Apr 9, 2008
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