I Think Jeffrey Dahmer Is My 'fav' Serial Killer

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    I would have to say that I have always thought serial killing was quite interesting. Jeffery Dahmer and Gacy were my most admirable killers of all time. The fact of them being homosexual just made it all. Dahmer would fix mens drinks while his was in the club to have sex with...
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    3 Responses Sep 12, 2011

    Hold On!

     Before you start attacking me about how evil killers are or how bad it is to glorify them....I know.   And don't start being afraid quite yet lol let me explain myself...   I recognize that Mr dahmer did MANY horrible acts. I myself would never want to do or...
    Tacit Tacit
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    6 Responses Apr 11, 2008

    I'm not a fangirl that thinks he's sexy

    and completely downplays his crimes. He's just the most interesting out of all of the famous serial killers. I researched about him for over a week. It was like I was addicted to finding out every last detail. And then I started getting anxiety and nightmares. So I stopped.
    applesasch applesasch
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    Jun 20, 2015
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    Oct 13, 2014

    Well, Maybe...

    This is what I was talking about earlier on my "I Can Not Believe This!" story. Jeffrey Dahmer explains how he felt when he killed people, but here is the short clip I was telling you about where he says something like "it made me feel good/special to know that those people were...
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    Sep 19, 2011

    I'M Related.

    I am auctually realated to the serial killer Jeff Dahmer. I still am obsessed with h
    AlanaLaufeyson AlanaLaufeyson
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    May 23, 2013

    He's just so fascinating.

    What he did was so far out there at the time and shocking. He was smart, interesting, and normal outside of his evil fantasy of death and killing for pleasure. He could have done something great with his life. He is so interesting to learn about.
    Sydny1330 Sydny1330
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    This Is Messed, I Know.

    Its kind of an obsession, but I really like Jeffrey Dahmer. I think he's beautiful and I really wish he was mine. I also feel sorry for him! I know what he did was wrong and all, but I can't help but be turned on by all the stuff he did.  I think its soooooo hot that he...
    Sillymee Sillymee
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    1 Response Jan 10, 2009
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