I Think Leather Is Murder

Sure, fur is murder. But choosing to buy or wear leather is equally as horrific and inhumane. 26 People

    Skin Is Skin

    Whether you choose to wear leather or fur, you choose to wear a living being's skin. A living being that was constantly hurt, scared, and mistreated while it was alive. Lead to slaughter, killed, and skinned. A living being that was raised to die. If you choose to wear the...
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    3 Responses Oct 17, 2008


    Do you ever think about the leather gloves , the leather coats, the leather hats and anything else that is made with leather.? We wear these things on our bodies and never give a thought to where they come or came from. These are animals that are slaughtered every day so some...
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    Leather Is Murder

    I don't wear leather. My shoes are made of vegetable oil. Says so on the label inside. I do think Leather is murder.
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    WHat Is Wrong With Ppl!

    wearing leather and fur should be illegal!  i think its wrong to torture, mistreat and kill an Innocent living animal just to look good! shame on ppl who do.
    pspschikamuahach pspschikamuahach
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