I Think My Boyfriend Is Gay

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    Is My Fiance Gay???

    I met this man almost 1 1/2 ago, he is a wonderful man, excellent father figure to my children, he treats me wonderful, never had an issue with our sex life. I happened to be going through his email and found out that he had joined a social sex/fling network site to talk to other...
    1confused1 1confused1
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    6 Responses Aug 24, 2012

    What Should I Do

    I'm engaged we have been living together for more than two years. We've had our ups and downs.For a while things were great. One Christmas I took him to my brothers house and his brother-in-law is a tranny. I can tell that he was very attracted to my fiance he wouldn't stop...
    15 Responses Sep 4, 2008

    Asshamed Confession

    I really don't know were to turn I'm not close to my family and am to ashamed to talk to my friends. Yesterday, I was trying to spend the day with my boyfriend but every time we are alone he always says " I need to call Mr.X and see if his ok" , I tell him " His a grown man why...
    may005 may005
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    3 Responses Jul 18, 2012

    My Boyfriend Is Gay?! Wow! Really?!

    I don't know what I'm doing here or even why I'm posting this. I guess I'm just hoping i could find one other FREAKIN person who truly understands what I'm going through. Long story short I was recently with a man for a little over 3 yrs. Our relationship was never perfect. We...
    faith999 faith999
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    5 Responses Jun 26, 2012

    Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Looking For Guest

    Hello, I work for a Nationally Syndicated Talk Show entering it's Seventh season, and we're looking for guest for an array of topics, one being guest who want their significant others to come clean. Guest must be passionate and willing to share their stories. Trip is all expense...
    TalkShowP TalkShowP
    Sep 16, 2013

    Me and my boyfriend have been together

    for a little over a year now. But we have known each other for years and dated before. But he moved across the country, & I thought that I would never see him again. Until last summer when I spent a month at his house and he decided to move back so we could be together. He just...
    xxihateyouxx xxihateyouxx
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    1 Response Oct 28, 2014

    Its All Out In the Open ... He Is Gay

    Ok this is how it is... When I met him, he showed me a few pics and said he crossdressed almost immediately which I accepted and then he wanted to wear panties and then onto getting totally dressed up which I particiapted in and we had fun with it. As time went on, he...
    UnconditionalLove UnconditionalLove
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    6 Responses Jan 23, 2009

    Strongly Suspect Boyfriend Hiding Sexuality

    I very recently dated a man who was very sweet, fun and charming at first, then for many reasons I became concerned about his behavior (anger, all sorts of other stuff). One of the many reasons was that I suspected he wasn't as sexual as I was (never slept together for faith...
    souper souper
    3 Responses Jan 31, 2012

    So I've been dating this guy

    for about 8 1/2 months. The first 4-6 weeks he was doing 'a cleanse' and it was fun to share company and do stuff like go on hikes, watch funny movies bla bla... We seemed to have enough in common.. As the 'cleanse' came to an end, the constant whining began. complaining about...
    thyscrazylyfe thyscrazylyfe
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    3 Responses Feb 8, 2014

    What'S Wrong With Me???

    Why do I feel like this? I'm so confused! I am so unhappy and I think I know the reason why but I think I might just be crazy! :-) I love my boyfriend, i really do but he is bringing me so much unhappiness. He doesn't touch me, nor has he touched me in many months. I'm so tired...
    lvlymissb lvlymissb
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    6 Responses May 16, 2013

    Sexless,and He Has Gay Friends

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost 7 years we have a child together, sex  has never been of big interest to him I strongly believe we have a child because I pushed for sex or I was just lucky, it did take us 3 years or so for me to get pregnant.  He has told...
    lolaluvsla lolaluvsla
    10 Responses May 30, 2010

    What Do YOU Think???

    I've been with my bf for going on 3 years. In the beginning we fooled around a ton just like every other couple. After the first 6 months of being intimate, our sexual life has been going downhill slowly but steadily. Now it's about once a frikin month! And he says he doesn't...
    chubiiespumpiies chubiiespumpiies
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    4 Responses Aug 6, 2013

    I'm in a 3 year "relationship" with "housemate

    w,benefits". We live together in separate spaces; ENORMOUS LOVE. He is Boston Catholic choir boy, molested at age 10 and ashamed of the pleasure that experience brought. He denies he is gay. 3 marriages & children. Good to a fault, the Dali Arthur! How do I help him...
    DrewBerry DrewBerry
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    3 Responses Mar 9, 2016

    I need to confront my boyfriend of almost 8

    years that I saw messages from him to other guys talking about hooking up and how they like thing, basically soliciting himself and vice versa. He doesn't know I saw these messages. The problem is I know he will blow up, deny deny deny, call me insane and crazy, and turn the...
    bombflow bombflow
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    2 Responses Mar 24, 2014

    My Ex Is Gay

    It took an outsider to actually open my eyes to the fact that my ex is gay. No one in my family could have convinced me at the time I was dating him. I guess I had to learn the hard way. The gay angle really does explain a LOT of things. Like how he loved jewellery and shoes. He...
    elissamayy elissamayy
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    Jan 20, 2013

    I don't think I know my boyfriend is bisexual.

    He told me. Ever since he came out our relationship has never been better. The sex is great! We get to do Anal on each other and I love it and I love him. No matter his preference I except him for who he is.
    TheOriginalBadGirlBGC TheOriginalBadGirlBGC
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    2 Responses Mar 9, 2015

    There's Proof, But I Don't Know What To Do..

    I have been with my fiance now for exactly a year and a month, and... I am tired of being silent and strong about the hardships of our relationship and having no one to turn to. I am an insanely trustful person, so much so that it is a detraction instead of a good thing about me...
    GHeroG GHeroG
    4 Responses May 16, 2012

    Dear Arthur, We are the great love of each

    other's life; besides mum and children. I've always seen that part of you that was effeminate and attributed it to your manic creative genius. I believe you when you say you are not gay. At least I believe you believe it. I believe you want everyone else to believe it. I...
    DrewBerry DrewBerry
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    Mar 12, 2016
    Jamesy3 Jamesy3
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    1 Response Dec 14, 2013

    One In A Million Or Gay?

    Recently I have been dating this guy for 2 months, lets call him Sam. I met Sam when I served him at my work as a cashier. I work at a food market. Sam had been stood up by his friends , so he talked to me when I had no customers, just out of friendliness and boredom. He seemed...
    Kskinner9 Kskinner9
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    2 Responses Oct 1, 2013

    What Now

    I was married for 7 years.i had two kids a home a job.i had it all.i meet someone new fun and exciting.well I ended up getting divorced to be with this guy. Fast forward 3 years.i have 4 kids now. And my bf refuses to have sex with me. I look and act the same as I did when I meet...
    thegrasswasnotgreener thegrasswasnotgreener
    3 Responses Nov 7, 2012

    I think my bf is bisexual.

    He watches gay ****. He acts a little girly sometimes. He loves chick flicks. He also has this guy friend who he has known for years. Let's call this friend Sam. Now my bf hangs out with Sam every evening for a few hours before coming home. Now I know sam quite well and I know...
    Butterflywings1987 Butterflywings1987
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    Dec 14, 2014


    He better be..  If he switches back I'll die..
    BenderBoy BenderBoy
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    Sep 18, 2009

    I Hate That He's Gay

    First of all, I have to start this story by saying that I am a bisexual woman. I cannot fall in love with another woman, but can have sex with her. I love having sex with women. I always saw myself in a relationship with a man who was straight. This way I would always be able to...
    naimasuede69 naimasuede69
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    4 Responses Nov 10, 2012

    I recently was able to look into my boyfriends

    computer (which is another story for a different time) and i found out he reads gay stories(very explicit and almost taken advantage of kind of stories), but then he goes on to watching heterosexual ****. Iv been with him for about 3 years and we are both in our early twenties...
    Leona77 Leona77
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    3 Responses Feb 22, 2015

    Am I Crazy?

    I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now and things are okay. Im beginning to see some distracting patterns. After about 6 months of dating I caught him on a dating site (that's where we met). He said that since we were in a fight he thought we were on a break and was...
    lvlymissb lvlymissb
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    4 Responses May 14, 2013

    How Could I Have Been So Blind?

    i keep waiting to write this story- it just won't come out ( no pun intended). we've been together for 16  years. he's my best friend and the love of my life. on new year's eve i came home from work and he was gone. i kind of suspected he was because i had tried to...
    deadlycupcake deadlycupcake
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    2 Responses Apr 5, 2009

    I Think My Boyfriend Is Gay

    So.. we've been together 6 months, we met at a new years party and slept together the 1st night( not usual for me) and we fell in love fast and hard. But its almost always difficult to arouse him, if not impossible. He gets really stressed out. I believe its partially performance...
    irkingir irkingir
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    6 Responses Jul 3, 2012

    I have been with my boyfriend

    for almost 8 years. Everything was great at the beginning, we had fun, we had sex often, we never fought. He was in and out if jail for violating parole from a previous charges he got before I met him. After about 2 years he was finally done with parole. But then I happen to...
    bombflow bombflow
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    2 Responses Mar 17, 2014

    HELP ME!!!

    So 2 years ago I decided not to talk to my ex who turned out to be gay because I was still in love with him. Long story short I told him that i'm over what happened and that I want to be friends again. He asked me all these questions on why I dud what I did and I asked if we...
    Dreamer212 Dreamer212
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    1 Response Sep 18, 2013

    I didn't tell my gf I was bi,

    she asked me several times, but I was too embarrassed to admit it. I kept dropping hints, but it took getting caught having sex with a guy for her to find out. My advice is to go with your gut feeling, and be supportive.
    trampstampguy90 trampstampguy90
    26-30, M
    Feb 25, 2016

    I've been dating a guy a while.

    It seems like we can turn each other on but never go all the way. He seems to get weirded out everytime I turn him on. He wants to rush home or pull away from me. That might not sound like a gay thing but, he talks about both of his roommates like a man talks about his lady. It...
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    Nov 16, 2014


    i have been with my boyfriend 5 years, have been very understanding the last 2 years and have said nothing, i found out that he phones gay chat lines and buys gay sex on the internet, i dont understand why he lied to get into the relationship, we have no sex life, when i read...
    sam87150 sam87150
    4 Responses Aug 3, 2011

    What Do You Gay Guys Think

    Ok so my kids father who is also my husband my be Gay I need advise so ok about 4 years ago he left up his email an I went in it he had been on a site chatting with trans I called him out on it an he was so shocked he told me it was a phase an he has never slept with a guy...
    Missunderstood27 Missunderstood27
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    2 Responses Sep 22, 2013

    I Am Bi. I...

    I am a 25 year old bisexual woman from US. I discovered that I was bi-curious when I was 17. I went out looking for one thing and found another. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I am bi. After one experience with a woman (she was hot, passionate and...
    bisexuallucy bisexuallucy
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jul 4, 2012

    My First Husband.

    Three days ago I found out that the love of my life is gay. We have been together for three years, very serious and committed to one another. We were engaged at one point, but called it off due to that neither of us were ready. We moved in together only after a short period of...
    onlywife onlywife
    3 Responses Aug 7, 2012

    I'M Worried My Boyfriend Is Gay..

    My name is Brooke and I've been dealing with some confusion since I've met my boyfriend Patrick. When I first met him, I could see that there was more feminine qualities than the typical guy. For example, he goes tanning, he spikes his hair, his closet is organized, and he's...
    Brooke8 Brooke8
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    2 Responses Nov 12, 2013

    HELP ME!!!

    So 2 years ago I decided not to talk to my ex who turned out to be gay because I was still in love with him. Long story short I told him that i'm over what happened and that I want to be friends again. He asked me all these questions on why I dud what I did and I asked if we...
    Dreamer212 Dreamer212
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    1 Response Sep 18, 2013

    Everyone Thinks He's Gay

    Ok so I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months now, and I love him so much. I want to be with him for a long time, and he's told me that he does, too. I know he really cares for me. But I can't shake this feeling that he might be gay, mostly because a lot of people have mentioned...
    chocolate1995 chocolate1995
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    5 Responses May 24, 2011

    Hi. So I am in need of some advice.

    I just started dating a guy who I really like, we connect really well, he's honest, great communication and I could honestly see me marrying him some day. He does have gay/bi tendencies though. And he even admitted to it. He claims that most artistic/Pisces people have more gay...
    halessss halessss
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    2 Responses Feb 12, 2015

    Is My Boyfriend Hiding That He Is Gay?

    M and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 months now and he is what some might call the perfect boyfriend. He surprises me with gifts flowers, takes me out to eat, brags about me, is extremely affectionate, very sweet with his words and has even told me he will marry me, and...
    intellectuallysexy intellectuallysexy
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    5 Responses Aug 31, 2013
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