I Think My Teenagers Hate Me And I Am a Failure As a Mother

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    Does your child have issues with ANGER, BULLYING, a SHORT TEMPER, or FIGHTING? Do they struggle with BODY IMAGE issues or Low SELF-ESTEEM? Do you see them dealing with issues you have dealt with YOURSELF or do you WORRY they will be just like YOU? Are these ISSUES causing...
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    Oct 15, 2012

    Why Bother

    my daughter is almost 15 and my son is almost 13 and i'm pretty much invisible to them. their dad and me are divorced so they live with me mostly but they don't talk to me, they dont listen to me they hang out with their friends all the time, i never know where they are. i think...
    prettyinpink prettyinpink
    46-50, F
    11 Responses Feb 16, 2007

    My Baby Is "With Child"

    !@(*#&$!@$!)@&  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GOSH!  I never wanted to be in this position again...this position of feeling/being responsible for another human life.  I did NOT want my daughter to be in this position.  She's almost graduated from high school...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Nov 2, 2007

    Sometimes I'm certain

    that my daughter hates me but I don't like her behavior either. We've been going through such a tough time lately until I'm not sure how much more I can take or what to do. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I want her to go live with her dad. He's not that active in her life...
    zeeva70 zeeva70
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    2 Responses Jan 24, 2016

    Smoking Weed

    I think my son is smoking weed more than he lets on!
    Mammy Mammy
    36-40, F
    7 Responses Mar 26, 2008

    Distressed And In Need Of Comfort

     i have three children.two middle teenagers and one slightly younger child.i love my three children very much but the everyday strife and conflictin our lives is driving me away.why do my older two teenagers hate me so much as a mother.the verbal and physical abuse i get is...
    shimmeringrainbow shimmeringrainbow
    8 Responses Jun 21, 2011

    1st Letter 2 My Son And His Response

    “son”, I know you may not want to hear this but: I know you’re in a really crazy place in your life right now. I’ve never been in your shoes before (exactly where you are…about to leave the only home you’ve ever known, with your...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Aug 18, 2006

    2nd letter 2 my son and his response

    August 17, 2006   “Christopher”, My greatest downfall with you recently has been something totally personal and, it’s not at all what you’d think.  It’s not about these “emotional issues” you imagine I have about you leaving...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
    36-40, F
    5 Responses Aug 17, 2006

    Troubled Teens

    my teenage son has changed so much in the last six months he was doing well at school, we had no major problems until i got a call from the school to tell me that he had been truanting from school. i was shocked and so was his head teacher. it all escalated from there he started...
    marni206 marni206
    1 Response Dec 16, 2010

    I Have 4 Kids and I Hardly See Any

    Well i seen your title and thought i'd make you feel not so alone in the " i feel like a bad mom" category.. I guess we can't blame ourselves when things happen especially when we don't always have control of what our kids will do when they get older, or what sometimes...
    embrissa embrissa
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    4 Responses Feb 28, 2008

    My 15 Year Old Son Has Turned Against Me...

    Oh my where to start when I was 18 I fell pregnant to my sons Father he was my first love, and I his. We married and at the age of 19 I gave birth to my son, he was so badly wanted and I wanted to give him the best life I could but I was young everyone told me I couldn't do it...
    silvercharisma silvercharisma
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Nov 27, 2013

    My 16-year Old Daughter Was Picked Up For Shoplifting Yesterday And...

    ....I burst into laughter in the office of the Security people!!  It's not really funny.  Not now, anyway....I'm having lots of problems with her especially since her brother (the only male influence in her life) went off to college.  But, while I was sitting in...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Jan 21, 2007

    My Son Hates Me & Wants Me To Go To Hell.

    My son, who is 17, posts his feelings on twitter saying how much he can't stand me. Everything about me annoys him. He constantly gives me attitude & tells family members I'm shady. He sent me a text telling me I need to go to hell ASAP. He went on to say I'm a worthless mother...
    Alessi66 Alessi66
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Dec 26, 2012

    I See No Way Out

    “Our relationship is over.”  “You did this.”  “I don’t want you to act like you love me.”  “Our relationship is permanently tainted.” .... my son's words are still ringing in my ears.... The only thing good I...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
    36-40, F
    7 Responses Aug 18, 2006

    I'm Wrong And Alone In the Dark

    August 14, 2006   When I heard him using my vacuum on the back porch, I wanted to go tell him not to but I hesitated.  I knew he would be defensive and I wanted to avoid another confrontation.  But, then I thought, “But, that’s the only vacuum I have...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
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    13 Responses Aug 14, 2006

    I Have Given Up

    I have a daughter who ran away at 17 have not seen her for four years and have a son who is 16 how is giving me hell!  I have finally decided to give up and live my life.   I am tired of struggling to make them love me.   Nothing I do is give enough for...
    debra50 debra50
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Jan 10, 2010

    We divorced when he was 9.

    He lived with me for 2 years then decided to live with his dad because they were both very Sports driven and had more things in common. He was also used to a high standard of living that his father could provide which I could not. I have a daughter and she is 6 years older than...
    Oasisskincare1 Oasisskincare1
    46-50, F
    Apr 20, 2016

    12 Yo On The Verge

    Things were good up until 6th grade.  At which point my daughter began cutting herself and then one day attempted to overdose by taking Tylenol and Motrin.  She has been in and out of therapy ever since and is now taking anti-depressents.  She is now nearing the...
    sarahsmile77 sarahsmile77
    31-35, F
    2 Responses May 12, 2010

    I Think My Teenagers Hate Me And I Am A Failure As A Mother...

    My 13 year old used to hug me and tell me he loved me whenever we parted ways or before bed at night...since he turned 13 he seems to despise hugging me for any reason whatsoever and I can't recall the last time he actually said "I love you Mom"... in fact at times he even seems...
    jesspryor32 jesspryor32
    5 Responses Apr 7, 2011

    Following My Gutt Has Always Been Key

    I have these dialogues in my head. I imagine having conversations with sensible people; people who can guide and persuade me to find answers. Here’s how it happens: I’m sitting here thinking about how difficult it is for me to stand strong on what I...
    MysticWriter MysticWriter
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Oct 4, 2007

    Boy It's Hard Bein the Mother of a Teenager

    i have a 16 year old daughter who is so beautiful. but ever since she was 13 1/2, she has been doing everything she can to kill my spirit. and there have been a few times when i actually thought she had succeeded. my little girl was going to be the one in my family who made it...
    breezybidj breezybidj
    46-50, F
    9 Responses Feb 14, 2007

    So Desperate For Support

    I wrote most of this story on a reply to someone else's story, but I figured I should make it a story on its own. I have 4 children and growing up they were such wonderful kids, so full of fun and love and happiness. I have always been there for them and taught them good values...
    catlady39 catlady39
    2 Responses Mar 20, 2012

    Lost Soul

    How about I know my teenager hates me and I am a failure as his mother.  His father and I divorced when he was young (6) and it wasn't the prettiest of divorces.  Meantime, T (my son) and I were very close.  During 5th grade (about 4 years later) I got engaged and...
    wnd1967 wnd1967
    1 Response Feb 24, 2009
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