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I Think My Wife Is Sexy

Personal Stories, Advice, and Support 669 People Wife.

    My wife and I have known each other since we were kids. She moved away when she was in jr. high and after a lifetime of experiences, we met again about 8 years ago. She is as sexy now as she was then. We were married 3 years ago. Being best of friends we have enjoyed...
    oneluckyhubby oneluckyhubby
    56-60, M
    Dec 18, 2012

    Look At Her

    look at my pics of her you tell me:}
    hardhunk hardhunk
    31-35, M
    Aug 15, 2010

    No Panties

    My wife and I went out to eat last night. Just a chance to have a few drinks and have some alone time. She was wearing a dress that she knows I like. Nothing overtly sexy just a blue dress that brings out her beautiful eyes and shows off her figure.We were just finishing our...
    marriedup marriedup
    56-60, M
    8 Responses May 18, 2013

    Shes Hot

       I love my wife so so much, so much I want to see her with her eyes rolled back in her head from ******* hard. I've noticed alot of men want to see that too. I've asking 4 ever. Can anyone help me?
    bobossuzie bobossuzie
    1 Response Jun 5, 2010

    Such A Fine Little Booty!

    My wife is cute and sexy. I love her pretty eyes, and her fine little booty. The first time I met her, the words "wow, this girl is cute" popped into my head. Her sexiness was not apparent right away, but over time as we dated she was my "first" for many sexual experiences. I...
    TNAinUSA73 TNAinUSA73
    36-40, M
    Sep 29, 2012

    My Sexy Wife...

    For everything she does and everything she is...Sexy is an understatement!!!! Love you...
    Jsnvic Jsnvic
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Jan 26, 2012

    My Wife Is A Constant Turn On

    She turns me on constantly. I love the way she looks at me . Her smile is a killer. When she is horny her looks drive me crazy. She feels she is on the heavy side but i love her body as it is. I see the way guys look at her,as soon as they see her smile their eyes just follow...
    Hooserandher Hooserandher
    51-55, M
    1 Response Feb 28, 2010

    Sexy, What Does It Mean To You?

    My wife is sexy as hell, but she does not always realize it. I wish she would have more confidence in herself. I tell her constantly that she is sexy and beautiful. When we are in bed together she turns into something else, she knows how to make a man feel like a man. She is what...
    Jcundrc Jcundrc
    36-40, M
    1 Response Jan 5, 2013

    So So Sexy

    I think my wife is so so sexy. Every time she gets up in the morning and walks past me I feel the tingle of 'want'. As she dresses to go out on an evening, I struggle to keep my hands off her, the way she walks, the way she moves, SEXY! I think my wife IS sexy.
    corderro corderro
    41-45, M
    8 Responses Aug 6, 2010

    My Wife Is Hot....

    I want to share a video but not sure....needs to be confidential and fun with another couple, anyone.
    Randyandrebecca Randyandrebecca
    7 Responses May 16, 2012

    She's The Best

    Marrying my wife was one of the best decisions I ever made. Yesterday, as I am off from work until the Fall semester starts, I thought I'd pay my wife a visit where she works. I met her at her job at a local kind of upscale coffee shop and, even though she doesn't need to work...
    Fogarty Fogarty
    51-55, M
    1 Response Aug 2, 2012

    Suduced While She Sleeps

    I sat by the bed as my wife of 47 and beautiful was sleeping,I slowly slipped my hand under the sheets and up to her leg and stroked her leg and as I did she moaned a little moan. As I continued to rub her leg I moved closer to her ***** and then withdrew a little and then moved...
    pafasted80 pafasted80
    61-65, M
    2 Responses Oct 5, 2012

    My Milf

    This is my wife of 20 years, every time she comes into work all the young guys talk about her. They all say she is the hottest milf around! I tend to agree but I might be a little self centered. LOL
    deleted deleted
    13 Responses Apr 14, 2012

    36 Years Together

    I was very attracted to my wife when I met her. The same for when we married. So many years after we met and she still makes my heart flutter when she is walking away from me. Watching her walk towards me is the same.
    marriedup marriedup
    56-60, M
    Jan 15, 2013

    After 25 Years, She's As Sexy As Ever

    I never stop loving her, never stop being aroused looking at her body. My friends say i'm lucky and i know i am. NOTE: I'm actualy trying to put back pics EP ask me to remove. If they ban me... Bye everybody!
    Alnilam249 Alnilam249
    51-55, M
    1 Response Oct 2, 2010

    Always Gentle

    My wife loves for me to take care of her. She is also very independent, caring, soft, and always a good listener. This is very attractive and sexy! She's always inviting and warm! Love her fresh sweet whisper!
    deleted deleted
    Sep 11, 2012

    Sexy And Pretty

    My wife is retired and I have to get up and go to work still.   She had gotten picked for jury duty and had to get up each weekday morning the last couple of weeks.  She finished yesterday so she was in bed this morning when I had to get up and go to work. ...
    gettinsum1 gettinsum1
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

    Suduced While She Sleeps

    I sat by the bed as my wife of 47 and beautiful was sleeping,I slowly slipped my hand under the sheets and up to her leg and stroked her leg and as I did she moaned a little moan. As I continued to rub her leg I moved closer to her ***** and then withdrew a little and then moved...
    pafasted80 pafasted80
    61-65, M
    Oct 5, 2012

    I Do.....

    I think my wife is hot!!! No she's not a Playboy Playmate, a Victoria's Secret model, or even a **** star. She's just your everyday average woman, and her meds have caused her to put on some weight but I dont care at all. She's beautiful and she gets my motor running! I am filled...
    IndyJoe IndyJoe
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Jun 26, 2011

    Hi everybody!!! I posted some new self-pics of

    my sexy wife!! We will appreciate your comments!!!
    warrior18 warrior18
    46-50, M
    May 17, 2014

    Oh Yes She Is!

    My wife is sexy, hell ya. Although she's turning forty, she could still be mistaken for 28. She has killer legs, and a gorgeous ***, smooth hips and a soft tummy, perky cute breasts and a soft neck, beautiful brunette hair framing a pretty face! Best of all, she is all class...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 17, 2012

    Ife's Hot Side Boobs

    it turns me on seeing other people ogling at my wife's boobs from front, side and wherever they can. my wife puts on clothes with a low back exposing lots of her back only to make people crazy looking at her when she passes them. we talk about it a lot and enjoy it.
    kumargn27 kumargn27
    31-35, M
    Nov 16, 2012

    Love Her Curves

    Just yesterday morning I was laying in bed with my wife and started getting aroused. She was wearing an old worn top, and panties. As she was laying on her back, I slowly lowered the sheet, and raised her top to expose her ribs, tummy, and mound. I was stroking myself just...
    dynamicduo00 dynamicduo00
    2 Responses Mar 11, 2013

    I Don't Just Think It. I Know It.

    I'm sure many people would agree with me that my wife is sexy, but I don't care whether they do or they don't. I think it and know it. That's really all that matters.
    0ppa 0ppa
    36-40, M
    Oct 5, 2012

    Not Just Me

    Alot of people I speak with think my wife is absolutely the sexiest. I hear comments all the time, where did you find her, she is so hot, what the heck is she doing with you?. Things like that. And personally I love it. because they only see the physical side, not only that she...
    BillySPizza BillySPizza
    22-25, M
    3 Responses Oct 12, 2009

    New Media Room

    We just finished out our media room last week. We have not had a chance to PROPERLY break it in, but had a few hours as the kids were at functions. I dropped the last one off and came home. When I went upstairs I heard some very strange noises coming from the media room. I opened...
    TXcupl TXcupl
    1 Response Mar 29, 2011

    She Just Is!

    My wife is a beautiful woman with killer blue eyes and awesome curves. She has a voice that is soft and clear and I love it. I've been in love with her since day one, and I think she's the sexiest woman in the world.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Sep 27, 2012

    Wife Bf

    we r married about 4 year. n my wife has perfect body. big boob, rounded ***. i love my wife very much. i want to see her when she **** other men very much. but she dont accept yet. she dont want to speak about this subject. (she said it but i dont know ,is she really want or...
    Euphrates Euphrates
    26-30, M
    Jun 20, 2010
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